Bond of heavens treasure
Embraces me in now
Clenching all desire
Grace that You allow

Pouring all my being
Connection, me in You
Soul swells full in loving
Desire flowing through

Transcending my emotions
Consuming all of me
Thirst beyond all quenching
Clinging desperately

Flowing through my veins
Blood now tingling
Fanatic needing more
The soul is glistening

Linger now this grace
Praying, wanting more
As moment dissipates
To others light outpour

Morning Observations

A tiny speck of morning dew
Glistens on a leaf of green
Insight sparks now in the heart
Seeking gifts within the scene

A tuft of seed drifts to earth
Softly resting down
Prayer within, roots to grow
Hope beyond now abounds

Gentle breeze stirs the soul
Attention drawn its way
Virgin air clean and cool
Drawing You to stay

Tiny flower opens wide
Basking in the light
Offers up its nectar sweet
Clothed in beauty white

Rising mist of nights remains
Drifts above the flow
Dissipating into now
Wisdom shown in letting go

From its perch the Spirit lifts
Going on its way
Seeking souls of open heart
Touching them this day

Resting now in insights seen
Dwelling Spirit soak
Move me in the ways of You
That Your scene invokes

The Space Between The Light

To grasp the space between the light
Where whispers to the soul are heard
In the time where flowers bloom
And sparks of love are stirred

To seek the moment of the Spirit
Where thoughts of inspiration flare
In the house of unity
Beauty sings its sweet prayer

To be in presence beyond time
Where life itself ignites
In courage born in hero‟s strength
The selfless draw their might

To dwell within the mystery
Where freedom truly rings
In the healing of all wounds
The source of all hope springs

Alas, this goal seems out of reach
For senses five lack their skill
But through connection birthed in faith
The gift is blessed in moments still

Blood Drawn

My child of a year
Pray, fever please now break
To doctor do we bring
His blood he must now take

My beloved screams in fear
His innocence heart pleads
Doctor orders to hold still
A savior now he needs

His gaze now turns to me
Protector from all harm
My heart breaks in compassion
As I pin down little arms

He does not understand
With tears of desperate cries
I pray with all my soul
He sees compassion in my eyes

Procedure now complete
He falls into my arms
We cling with loves embrace
Two hearts now seeking calm

A drop of symbol shared
Of Son nailed to a cross
His blood was drawn for all
As His Father watched

When my blood is drawn
Don’t understand Your ways
Let this memory arise
And see compassion in Your gaze

Stretching Hands

Lord of stretching hands
In passion You endured
Surrendering to God
Precious blood outpoured

In Peters desperate cry
In sinking in the waves
Rescued lack of faith
The need that all souls crave

In healing wounded souls
In stretching withered hands
We reach out in hope
In filling of You plans

May I stretch my hands
As humble servant prays
In reaching out to You
To those who’ve lost their way

Blessed in holiness
In touching of Your grace
Eternal hands are stretching
Joy in Your embrace

Another Sunrise

I have not prayed for a sunrise
I just assume it will be
A treasure taken for granted
One way in which God blesses me

Sometimes I don’t even notice
My gaze is turned other ways
My God isn’t hurt or discouraged
He’ll continue to seek me this day

Sometimes its gray and it’s boring
Like God understands the routine
In moment, light bursts forth in glory
Hope is displayed in the seen

Sometimes it captures my being
I can’t help but fall down in awe
Surrounded in grace and His beauty
My soul turns to Him to withdraw

Sometimes I marvel in wonder
In this painting of God’s perfect way
Causing all of creation to pause now
Praising Him for the gift of this day

So I’ll pray for tomorrow a sunrise
For the gift of His love here this day
Gratefulness birthed in His beauty
Attentiveness turning His way

Let sunlight serve as reminder
In vision see clearly this day
That everything seen is a blessing
To thank God along my way


Dawning Hour

Within the dawning hour
In sky of rising blue
I offer up this day to be
Seen in the light of You
May treasures that I seek
Be issued from above
Generous my gracious God
Outpouring of Your love
Rest now my thoughts to be
My soul within Your hands
Faith chase all doubts away
Trust be in Your plans
Acceptance flow within my heart
Your will my only goal
Receiving those in my path
Connecting through the soul
Grateful be my heart this day
Your blessings overflow
Let heart rejoice in visions seen
Your kingdom let me know
Wisdom blessed as Solomon
Within my being seep
To see my day through Your view
My soul within Your keep

Freeing is the Flow

A silent voice of whisper
Echoes from within
Soft in welcome comfort
Outpouring now begin

Into trust of safety
Let heart now speak the true
Past caution of the guard
Giving all to you

Hurt and fear emotions
Holding nothing back
Emptying the burden
Feelings to unpack

Freeing is the flow
Pouring into You
Trust found as a treasure
My heart Your seeing through

Resting in repose
Your eyes speak only love
Soul receives its grace
Wisdom from above

Gift me with Your strength
View to start anew
Foot steps first in love
Your will my soul pursue

Blessed Day

Oh blessed be this day
Covered in your grace
Love outpoured in blessings
Wrapped in Your embrace

A will begins its choices
A seed within the heart
View of this day’s journey
Let Spirit now impart

Leading with humility
Loves decision true
Wisdom in perspective
Of a Godly view

Heart please seek Your lonely
Let beauty be the prize
Found in pause of silence
Bond to exercise

Hope in God divine
Who never disappoints
Seeking of the Holy
A bond that He anoints

Let joy abound within
The grace that we receive
Hold fast unto His promise
Live what we believe!

Receiving the Now

We often cast away
The precious gift of now
A treasure set before us
Received if will allows
Distractions steal away
Beauty for our eyes
Precious gifts of soul
Encased in worlds disguise
We search inside our phones
Thoughts drift to future tasks
Rushing feet hurry forth
We put on our best masks
Gods plan is in the present
In this moment just for us
If we’ll just pause with open eyes
Refocusing our trust
To know that God is present
Our being in His love
To open soul receiving
To help us rise above
Accepting His love given
To see within the now
For whom can we outpour?
His blessings to endow