Question that was intimate
A friend once asked of me
How do you describe
Our God in which you see

First thought was one of softness
A touch found in the light
Love embraced completely
A brilliance, beyond white

A wise man did once say
This wisdom he unveiled
If God’s what you imagined
Understanding you have failed

And so I just receive
I be with Him in love
Pouring out my heart
Accepting gifts above

I feel a tender touch
Caress in a soft breeze
Guiding ways of thought
Placing soul at ease

I bask in warming light
Know its cast on all
Nothing that is earned
In open heart it falls

He is our God eternal
Love His only name
Desire of unquenching
Mercy He proclaims

We are but countless waves
Carried in the flow
Reflection of the being
That all souls long to know

Eternal are His treasures
Nothing else compares
He offers us His kingdom bring
In giving what He shares

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