Moment Holy

With every drop of moment
An opportunity within
To claim it to be holy
In will, it all begins
Our gift of life is blessed
When offered up to You
Turn purpose of desire
Of these thoughts in turning to
A prayer begins the way
Conversation with our Lord
Asking Him to send
His Spirit to outpour
Allow the eye to see
The wonder of the sky
Lifting Spirit up
A greater view applied
Turn ear to hear Your voice
In silence of the heart
Soak in Your daily Word
Of wisdom to impart
Spark new a grateful heart
Of blessings overflowed
Generous in spreading
The seeds of which You sow
Let praise be on our lips
Encouragement outpour
Your song be in our soul
In blessings giving more
With souls placed in our path
Accepting them with care
Binding in our wounds
Transparency to share
Being who you are
Who God meant you to be
Sharing in your gifts
With generosity
We have a greater purpose
Anointed with new name
Investment in beyond
With just one Holy claim
In empty moments of our day
Or times when head does spin
Choose holy to this moment be
By inviting our God in

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