No Tears

I hear the morning news
Violence fills my ears
My heart is deeply moved
But eyes, they have no tears

Such evil in this world
Such suffering and pain
Overwhelming wave
For evil, such distain

But numbness steals the love
Too much to overcome
So I sit and watch
Standby to what’s been done
So battle has been lost
The evil one prevails
Dear Jesus move my heart
Enlist me to assail
By pausing now to pray
For angels that You send
Melt the hearts of evil
And broken hearts to mend
Let first stop be to me
To root out all my sin
When I step towards pride
Let humbleness now win
Let me join Your angels
Thwart evil, now we pray
Victory of battle
The winning of Your way
Perfect now I will not be
But news trigger my heart
Remind me of this calling
In prayer now let me start

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