Another Sunrise

I have not prayed for a sunrise
I just assume it will be
A treasure taken for granted
One way in which God blesses me

Sometimes I don’t even notice
My gaze is turned other ways
My God isn’t hurt or discouraged
He’ll continue to seek me this day

Sometimes its gray and it’s boring
Like God understands the routine
In moment, light bursts forth in glory
Hope is displayed in the seen

Sometimes it captures my being
I can’t help but fall down in awe
Surrounded in grace and His beauty
My soul turns to Him to withdraw

Sometimes I marvel in wonder
In this painting of God’s perfect way
Causing all of creation to pause now
Praising Him for the gift of this day

So I’ll pray for tomorrow a sunrise
For the gift of His love here this day
Gratefulness birthed in His beauty
Attentiveness turning His way

Let sunlight serve as reminder
In vision see clearly this day
That everything seen is a blessing
To thank God along my way


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