Blood Drawn

My child of a year
Pray, fever please now break
To doctor do we bring
His blood he must now take

My beloved screams in fear
His innocence heart pleads
Doctor orders to hold still
A savior now he needs

His gaze now turns to me
Protector from all harm
My heart breaks in compassion
As I pin down little arms

He does not understand
With tears of desperate cries
I pray with all my soul
He sees compassion in my eyes

Procedure now complete
He falls into my arms
We cling with loves embrace
Two hearts now seeking calm

A drop of symbol shared
Of Son nailed to a cross
His blood was drawn for all
As His Father watched

When my blood is drawn
Don’t understand Your ways
Let this memory arise
And see compassion in Your gaze

One thought on “Blood Drawn”

  1. Very tender words. I lost my Beloved 7 weeks ago suddenly but I live in the memories of love we shared with one another and in the Lord. Please visit my blog. I promised him I would share what God gave him freely to others. part 1 and 2 of End of Days is already there and I begin the series of posts soon on God’s Love Story in Genesis. Hope you will visit

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