Morning Observations

A tiny speck of morning dew
Glistens on a leaf of green
Insight sparks now in the heart
Seeking gifts within the scene

A tuft of seed drifts to earth
Softly resting down
Prayer within, roots to grow
Hope beyond now abounds

Gentle breeze stirs the soul
Attention drawn its way
Virgin air clean and cool
Drawing You to stay

Tiny flower opens wide
Basking in the light
Offers up its nectar sweet
Clothed in beauty white

Rising mist of nights remains
Drifts above the flow
Dissipating into now
Wisdom shown in letting go

From its perch the Spirit lifts
Going on its way
Seeking souls of open heart
Touching them this day

Resting now in insights seen
Dwelling Spirit soak
Move me in the ways of You
That Your scene invokes

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