Engrain in me Your truth
The wisdom that you share
Bind to Word consumed
May view be not impaired

That forever is Your love
For that is who You are
No matter where I travel
You are not afar

You dwell within my Spirit
Seal upon my soul
That my dwelling be
In you, be my goal

Your forgiveness is eternal
A price paid by Your son
Forgiveness blessed completely
Whatever I have done

That this world is fallen
My home is found in You
Challenges will come
And You will see me through

We human are all broken
Judgment separates the one
Binding through Gods love
Is how the battles won

Riches for the tempting
Distractions of the dust
Security is only found
In the One I trust

Endurance is a key
Committed to the goal
In dying of the me
Life shines in the soul

The answer’s found in You
Heaven shared in love
Your light eternal shines
Focus on above

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