Light of Rein

The day begins in vision seen
Light arises clear
Arriving in a blink of time
Sending Spirit near

How beautiful in wisdom cast
Your glory all around
That You begin with humbleness
By laying Your light down

Perspective found in the time
With stillness as its song
Open soul with eyes anew
Casting shadow long

There’s a film upon the pond
Seen in the birthing light
Stir the waters of the deep
Flowing message bright

Raising arms in solemn praise
Surrender to our king
Soak in rays of Spirit bright
Rejoice in gifts your bring

Offer drops in dew of will
Presented lifted high
Light reflects in sparkled joy
Alleluia is our cry

Awakened now the soul now shines
Gratefulness engrained
Shine through me, grace of God
Let Your kingdom rein

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