O heaven of to be
Source of life that flows
River never ending
Of pure love that soul knows

In walk of this days path
Let my soul foretaste
Heavens glimpses shine
Touched by your good grace

Insights of Your word
Warmth in serving strong
Retreat in times of prayer
Joy in praise of song

Not just pleasant gifts
But strength blessed here today
We need Your heavens sense
Temptation turn away

Without the joy of hope
Of heavens blessed prize
Our service be for naught
For no love will arise

Soul be full of joy
Rejoice where I may roam
By foretastes of the gift
That heavens my true home

Consuming Fire

With a flint of prayer
Spark of Spirits grace
Ignites a fire warm
Soul wrapped in close embrace

We gather in the light
Love is feeding flame
Stoking embers thought
Praise the heart proclaims

An icy wind attacks
Judgments vicious breath
Light unwraps a gift
Wounds of hurt caressed

Dwelling be my house
Source of Spirit flows
Warming love of light
Consuming fire grow


Open up the word
Of love to contemplate
Turn to page of Savior
Let the soul relate

Focus on encounters
Of soul and God in man
Dwell within the heart
To grow in heavens plan

Where misery meets mercy
Suffering is healed
Hurt bound in compassion
Insights now revealed

Accuser is disarmed
Condemned in freedom found
Guilty and redeemer
The learned he astounds

Pious view humility
Lowly are now praised
Seekers are rewarded
Even death is raised

Abide in revelation
As worlds view now is turned
Rejoice in our encounter
Truth in what is learned


Grateful for the things
That we don’t thank you for
Of all your inner workings
That show us heaven’s door

The freedom of our will
Decisions of our path
Of guiding light that shines
Your love not judgments wrath

For struggles that arise
Through practice faith is found
In failures through our sin
Your precious grace abounds

In cloudy days of rain
Sends the message clear
We need a Savior’s love
And He is always near

Unwavering Your faith
A whisper in the way
With never ending love
You cherish us each day

Abundant are your gifts
You gift us everything
Loves Your only word
Eternal home You bring

Gift of Nothing

In this time of silence
No thought of which to feast
The spirit of the empty
Instilled, a sense of peace

Your embrace surrounds me
In knowledge of the known
That Your loves eternal
No matter what is shone

Rest now in the hunger
Of which You satisfy
A drink within the dryness
Your light magnifies

A lesson now in learning
Of trust of Your love great
That a gift of nothing
Is a gift to contemplate


A chasm was forged
Between heaven and earth
When we ate of the fruit
And sin given birth

The human heart longs
To cross the divide
But the distant grew great
Because of our pride

So we stand on the cliff
In this world we reside
We ponder the thought
Of the other side

Our pride screaming loud
I can do it my own
With power and toil
I fail and bemoan

The one who is love
Sent His dear Son
The gap filled with love
Restoration begun

I fall to my knees
Nothing I possess
Only through Jesus
His love I confess

I step out in faith
In trust I proceed
I fall into the arms
Of all that I need

The light shining bright
So grateful my soul
To the one who restores
Man to God whole

Let me shout out this truth
Of which all dear souls seek
By bringing His love
With heart humble and meek

From Above

A drop from up above
Falls now to this earth
Connecting touch of God
Potential life is birthed

Song within its landing
A change within its breath
A splash of pure in cleaning
Gentle its caress

Countless drops abounding
All is covered here
A grace of message sending
Let new life appear

A miracle before us
Stirs in meditation
A drinking in of life
Refreshing all creation

Expectation in You

On the road we’re walking
Your joy within our path
Perhaps we didn’t see it
Reflections in the aftermath

Let this day be different
Expectation in our heart
To receive your gifts of blessing
To soul that You impart

We wait in expectation
To glimpse Your way of light
Your touch of grace unique
Gift of hearts delight

It may come in decision
Uncomfortable may be
In a step of faith
Your glory we will see

Perhaps in dawning glory
Through beauty that You shine
Cherishing the moment
Of man and God divine

It may come through a soul
Unnoticed from before
In pause, a time to open
Your kingdoms exposed door

Excited for this journey
To see You in new ways
A grateful heart is waiting
Receiving You this day

Message of the View

A blessing sent to greet us
In an autumns morning chill
A river painted glorious
In sunrise colors spill

Remnants of the summer
Cling in branches few
A barrenness of beauty
Let’s Your light shine through

A winter’s breeze is blowing
A desert cry is heard
Forest floor of rust
A glimpse of passing bird

They gather now in branches
In serenading song
A sweet rejoicing ballad
Of which the heart is fond

Drawing soul in vision
To path of light of You
A warming love in knowing
In message of the view