Dear Zaccheus of the sycamore tree
Dwelling in branches of light
Pray for me now, let Spirit descend
In sharing Gods deepest insight

Let passion arise, driving my soul
To see God in a new way today
Rising above the worlds earthly view
Setting my spirit ablaze

He called you by name, picked you from the crowd
For me I pray He’ll do the same
Our powerful God, He looks to us all
With love calling us each by our name

Come to me now, let me dwell in your house
Let me dine the table with you
Sharing the meal filling your soul
Transformed, you’ll know what to do

Renouncing your sin, you’ll do what is right
Repaying each one what is due
You have a new path, with me by your side
Arise, your purpose is new

Touched by the word, love now is the prize
Sharing and shining my light
In kingdom above, drawn into the one
Aligned, let your Spirit shine bright!


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