Soul Entrusted

Stilling soul in moment
To dwell within Your light
Embrace of love consuming
Lifted up so bright

A grace blessed in our sharing
I give my soul to You
Of now within forever
Your love is known so true

When birth was graced to me
A spark of light instilled
You loved me into being
Blessed with a free will

My will surrender to You
Souls light bind to You now
In time of souls restoring
A practice to endow

For when earths path has ended
A choice before Your door
We’ll smile both together
As we’ve done this all before

Song Eternal

Through distractions of the daily
Whispered past my fears
Song eternal singing
Drawing my soul near

Song of love sustaining
My soul which you uphold
External voice of drawing
Forever in Your fold

Rest with ear of soul
Surrender to Your song
Bind with brother dear
In You, we all belong

Saints of heavens grace
Rejoice with heart of glee
Angels praise so sweet
All praying now through me

Rise Spirit of the light
Shining through the dark
Step out in ways of love
With Jesus we embark

To sing your song of love
The need for which souls long
Let us all join in
With Your eternal song


Dear Zaccheus of the sycamore tree
Dwelling in branches of light
Pray for me now, let Spirit descend
In sharing Gods deepest insight

Let passion arise, driving my soul
To see God in a new way today
Rising above the worlds earthly view
Setting my spirit ablaze

He called you by name, picked you from the crowd
For me I pray He’ll do the same
Our powerful God, He looks to us all
With love calling us each by our name

Come to me now, let me dwell in your house
Let me dine the table with you
Sharing the meal filling your soul
Transformed, you’ll know what to do

Renouncing your sin, you’ll do what is right
Repaying each one what is due
You have a new path, with me by your side
Arise, your purpose is new

Touched by the word, love now is the prize
Sharing and shining my light
In kingdom above, drawn into the one
Aligned, let your Spirit shine bright!

Knowing I Belong

In this moment
In this place
A grace is blessed within
My God is here and He awaits
Will I let Him in?

He speaks to me
In wisdom thoughts
They flow right to my soul
I cherish them and hold them close
They fill an empty hole

He sits and waits with open ear
For feelings deep and true
Accepting me with open arms
True comfort through and through

I let go and fall within
Peace eternal dwells
Transformation in His light
My soul in His love swells

Awakened eyes with vision new
With Spirit singing strong
Sent forth in purpose In God’s kingdom
Knowing I belong

All Is Ready

Come now all is ready
The banquet is prepared
A table set before us
Of treasures to be shared

Desire to be with you
To join within a feast
To celebrate this moment
All burdens be released

My joy is to be with you
In You I do rejoice
Bless me with your being
Share your inner voice

Let us laugh together
Share your deepest fear
Know that I adore you
Wipe away Your tears

You are my beloved
Know my love is true
One of the eternal
I give my all to you

Dance of the Divine

Let us dance a dance
Rejoicing in our prayer
Embraced in the twirling
Spirit everywhere

Hand in hand in binding
Human and divine
Endorphins overflowing
Grace of God is mine

Soul rejoices gladly
In Your love so bright
Heart to heart together
Being our delight

Gaze is fixed in love
Spirit binding strong
Adored is the beloved
In oneness we belong

Let fragrance of this song
Flow from our presence wide
Love unbound in sharing
Jesus by our side



A fallen mist in new days rise
Dwells within the seen
Calling soul to contemplate
A mystery to gleam

The normal view obscured
Turns lens a different way
To gift of Your indwelling
Of Spirits voice we pray

A sign post in the way
States we cannot see clear
That we must walk by faith
In hold of our God dear

Perhaps as desert dwellers
It’s God descending here
Loves embrace is present
Dwelling everywhere

Or souls of greater place
Reach out to us in love
In touch of guiding hand
Their prayers sent from above

Maybe just a conversation
An opportunity
A prayer within the bonding
To turn our heart to thee

The Snare of the Routine

The snare of the routine is set before my path
Waiting for me to drift into apathy
Let me turn away

Your prepared treasures await my acceptance
Let me relish the miracles of Your grace
And become alive

Let my heart sing joyfully
Let me dwell in the beauty of Your presence
Let me connect with souls encountered
Let blessings sprout from my lips
Let challenges guide
Let the Spirit arise

Let this day not pass me by