Clouds on the Move


Clouds are on the move
In sea of royal blue
Soul is drawn above
Raised to thoughts of You

Majestic welcoming
Such a grand display
Troops of white move forth
Without a word to say

Gliding towards the light
In celebrating praise
Form takes on new shape
Singing in bright rays

As angels on the watch
A view of heavens grace
A moment captures soul
In stopping daily race

Let Spirit now transform
A soul in awe of You
Lifted up above
Moved within Your view

Clarity of Season

Ending of December
Begins with morning gray
Challenge to hold onto
The feast of Christmas day

No waves upon the river
Nature shows its bones
Barren are distractions
Sky devoid of tones

Still a picture painted
No movement in the scene
Allows the soul to journey
To Spirit of unseen

Silence of the stillness
Allows the soul to be
In emptiness of palette
Gods’ serenity

Soul of simple manger
In love of God heart rests
Clarity of season
Beauty to ingest

3 Silences

I stand behind the window
Shielded from winters chill
Quiet in the comfort
Household all is still

Protection of manmade
Moves heart to venture forth
An opening of door
Soon provides its worth

Horizon bursts in glory
A mornings silence sings
Frozen shocks the system
Awakening it brings

Nature dwells in quiet
Reflection of the light
Adoring its creator
Awe of graceful might

Closing eyes in reverence
An endless silence speaks
Unbounded love is warming
Home of which soul seeks

Reverent Silence

Hands clenched, head is bowed
Desperate heart concedes
Cannot do it on my own
Jesus, my soul needs

Sitting straight, eyes are closed
Peace is on his face
Source of comfort found within
Known is God’s embrace

Fingers folded, kneeing down
In humbleness of way
Friendship found of God and man
United here this day

Home is filled one by one
Unique encounters found
Let me join in praising now
As one love here abounds

Silence of the reverence
Blankets now the faithful
Preparation of true joy
Gift for all the grateful


Let my heart be grateful
For blessings You abound
May it dwell in Spirit
In fragrance me surround

Let it be my practice
The first words of my day
May it shape my vision
Your joy upon display

For everything’s a blessing
Your grace abundant poured
Engrain it in my being
The goodness of my Lord

May it spark my thoughts
Thankful on my lips
May it flow unmeasured
All other thoughts eclipse

For we hold to Your promise
Eternity You share
To dwell in love forever
Nothing else compares


The waiting is over
Our Savior arrives
God sent His beloved
As human alive!

In manger he lays
In meek and in mild
Acceptance is easy
In form of a child

Connection to heaven
He brings here to earth
A promise fulfilled
Hope now is birthed

In darkness no more
The hopeless are blessed
The light shines on all
The word is professed

Awaken our hearts
Let praises outpour
In presence now dwell
With love here adore

Stir in the soul
Truth now sink in
Our miracle is birthed
Delivered from sin

Rejoice with the heavens
In light we’re adorned
God dwells among us
Our Savior is born!

Our Savior is Here!

Souls of the waiting
Through toil and sin
A people of calling
Our hope now begins

He comes to our time
So humble He be
Vulnerable a babe
Salvation is He

Now to a place
Acceptance He seeks
To heart in the need
Sincere and so meek

We open up wide
With only our trust
A light now ignites
Our old life as rust

New life is birthed
Born from above
God now with us
Through God man in love

Void is exposed
The missing we see
Treasures of heaven
Blessed upon me

Incarnate our hope
Hearts now revere
Souls sing rejoice
Our Savior is here!

The Gaze

In dark of nights bright shining
A star was found to call
In hope before the dawning
A path laid for us all

A journey of the walking
In openness of will
A movement of souls drawing
Arriving, stopping still

A knowing in the dwelling
So humble our God be
In homage, fall in kneeling
Peace consuming me

Transfixed within the gazing
Of light within His eyes
Fulfillment of the calling
Delights the soul, surprised

An insight found in bonding
Wisdom of divine
A gaze of cross’s calling
In love our purpose find

Interior Silence

Interior silence
The egos worst fear
God now providing
His truth be aware

His loves all I need
He’s sharing it now
Eternal abundance
Acceptance allow

No need for world’s power
Through God is my worth
Let humility rein
A servant on earth

In daily distresses
Find comfort herein
My God has a plan
His arms dwell within

Fear has no power
Worry now flee
Jesus my Lord
My security

Throughout my day
Turns inwards in prayer
Dwell with these truths
My God speaking here

Moment of Retreat

A moment of retreat
Falls upon the now
Blessed gift of freedom
Grace that You allow

Falling into being
Resting in Your arms
Dwelling in Your safety
Free of fear or harm

Nestled in the womb
Innocence of birth
Basking in Your light
Insights to unearth

That Your love is true
Unending, unconstrained
Abundance overflowed
Unfathomed is attained

Peace engrain within
Stilling of the soul
Humbleness remain
Praise to You extol