Gaze of Inbetween

There is heav’n, there is hell
World dwells in between
There is God, there is Satan
Man dwells in between

There is birth, there is death
Life dwells in between
There is past, there is future
Now dwells in between

These things we cannot change
Two hands nailed to a cross
Transformation’s in between
Embrace for all the lost

There is man, there is God
Jesus in between
Choices forge direction
Jesus, may you be seen

In between two thoughts
I invite You in
From now into the next
May You dwell within

Warming the Soul

Returning to the place
Of sweet encounter found
Spirit overwhelming
Memory profound

Joy was flowing freeing
Heart in singing strong
Community of light
In one love all belong

Soul is lifted higher
Turning up the flame
Gift of inner beauty
Treasure to reclaim

See now blessed moments
Of Spirit touching earth
Capture them in soul
Riches of true worth

Fulfillment of Desire

Waves of light flowing
In this morning scene
Royal of deep purple
Shades of in between

Encounter of desire
Dwells with the now
Clenching offering
Grace of me in thou

Deeply diving in
Abide in Spirit blessed
Sharing intimate
Of You, my only quest

Binding lingers on
Dwelling in Your time
One of letting go
A drifting of sublime

Light of my surrounding
Lifting of much higher
My God of precious grace
Fulfillment of desire

Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving
In many forms are paired
Inner spring of joy
When love true is shared

Source is birthed in Spirit
To build His kingdom strong
A bonding in its power
A desire to belong

We must practice both
In seasons we reside
In balance of the other
Witness of both sides

Beauty of forgiveness
Humbleness proclaim
Prayer in times of need
Dependence we exclaim

Loving acts of service
Kindness in the light
Thoughtful gifts of treasure
Heart to heart shines bright

Giving and receiving
Restoring of the bond
Binding in the love
Of seeking soul is fond

Our great God of giving
Abundance blessings shared
Receives our sin and praise
In bonding everywhere

I Do Too

Walking down my path
On street from other side
Past so many souls
A glance into their eyes

Who am I to judge?
Do I even care?
The spirit whispers soft
Jesus loves them dear

Who knows the hurt they’ve known
What scars are on their heart?
No one to accept
Or Jesus’ love impart

Word be on my heart
Jesus does love you
Shine within my eyes
To say that I do too

Smile gently form
Humble fragrance lift
Look into their eyes
Share a Holy gift

Adoration Turned

Where I want to be
In Your presence now
Not sure how I got here
Drawn to You somehow

A place where all is right
No matter what is wrong
Home within the soul
Forever I belong

Heavy in Your presence
Suspended in the air
Knowledge beyond seeing
Light in dwelling here

I came in adoration
Tables now have turned
Love is flowing freely
For which I dearly yearn

Soul at rest consuming
A love familiar known
In our sanctuary
A bonding grace is shown

Deeply satisfying
Consumer of the need
Grace of the beloved
Love of which soul feeds

Soaking in through silence
Gift beyond my grasp
Soul embraced so dearly
The within to bask

Let me dwell forever
In this holy bond
Man and God adoring
In love in the beyond

Carry My Joy

Today, my friend, is beautiful
Rejoice in this fine day
Relish in the moment
Before it drifts away

Sky be sun or cloudy
Rain or light fall down
Work or rest in the path
Acceptance, me surround

Treasure one another
Heart be full of joy
Love reign in your soul
Forgiveness to deploy

Perhaps don’t feel this way?
You pray how can this be?
Allow this attitude
To be your joy through me

For you are cherished dearly
Eternal is my love
Heaven your true home
Share in the above

Dell within your heart
Claim it to be true
Container to outpour
The joy of me through you

Gradients of peace

Gradients of peace
Of world we sometimes find
Relaxed into serenity
Peace of humankind

Warmth beside a fire
Glory of days rise
Lost in ocean waves
In gaze of stars realize

A calming of the soul
Ponders something more
Desire out of reach
One felt to the core

Jesus brings a peace
One beyond this world
Hope of the eternal
Soul claims the treasured pearl

So rest within this gift
In tranquil earthly peace
Safe in womb of God
Let all fear release


I see a face familiar
In reflections mirrored glass
Features to identify
Questions now to ask

Hair of changing color
Lids of tired eyes
Gone is smooth complexion
Truth to recognize

Time stops not for no man
Death of human life
Question of importance
Is soul growing to life?

Connection to divine
Fed in solitude
Bonding to our Lord
Eternal life we find