Gradients of peace

Gradients of peace
Of world we sometimes find
Relaxed into serenity
Peace of humankind

Warmth beside a fire
Glory of days rise
Lost in ocean waves
In gaze of stars realize

A calming of the soul
Ponders something more
Desire out of reach
One felt to the core

Jesus brings a peace
One beyond this world
Hope of the eternal
Soul claims the treasured pearl

So rest within this gift
In tranquil earthly peace
Safe in womb of God
Let all fear release


I see a face familiar
In reflections mirrored glass
Features to identify
Questions now to ask

Hair of changing color
Lids of tired eyes
Gone is smooth complexion
Truth to recognize

Time stops not for no man
Death of human life
Question of importance
Is soul growing to life?

Connection to divine
Fed in solitude
Bonding to our Lord
Eternal life we find


Trying to eat healthy
Body exercise
Filling mind with knowledge
Accounts keep organized

In the modern world
There’s a practice lost
Feeding of the soul
Busyness has tossed

Majority of day
We are all alone
Trapped within our mind
Thoughts that we must own

When we face this fact
Do we feel loneliness?
Or solitude of being
Truth now to confess

Blessed be our solitude
Gift of precious rest
Time of love in God
Practice be our quest

Time now set aside
Dwell with Spirit be
Entwine the voice as One
Let being flow through thee

Indigo horizon

Indigo horizon
Births the day’s first light
Captures soul with peace
Pause to stir insight

Drawn into your beauty
Power beyond man
Lifts the soul to place
Its trust within Gods hand

Creator of this day
Sets the stage anew
For will to walk the path
With joy of heavens view

God of love divine
Desire oh so sweet
Transform these colors blend
Heaven to earth meet

Surrender now my will
Soul as soft as clay
Allow the eye see clear
The light within Your way

Symphony of Grace

Arising deep within
Emerges silent prayer
Ember born in void
Thirsting for You here

Spirit softly whispers
In stilling of the heart
Dance of intertwining
Grace in to take part

Movement of the soul
Body rest aside
Time of Spirit dwelling
In arms of light abide

Symphony of grace
Orchestration so divine
Masterpiece of beauty
Welcomed in the shrine

Rising into falling
Adrift within Your space
Unbound, flowing, freely
Intimate interlace

Winters Chill

Snow is lightly falling
In the winters chill
Spirit softly calling
Urging soul to still

Song sings what’s the hurry?
Take a moments peace
Claim a gift of freedom
Burdens to release

Dwell in time of Spirit
Let love consume your heart
Be in one of God
Without Him do not start

Oh wisdom of divine
Be with me as I pray
Surrender to Your purpose
From You, don’t let me stray