A Cleaning

Sitting in this time of you
A journey of step small
Desire draws me closer
A whisper of Your call

A mirror true of shining
Stares me in the face
Choices hidden showing
The unneeded I embrace

Cleaning out the closet
Of junk within my soul
An opening of freedom
A surrender of control

I find inside some stumbling blocks
The things of which I fear
Will I give them to my Lord?
Or don’t I trust Him here

Avoidance drives these prayers of fear
That things will go my way
Could I change these thoughts of mine?
To see what God would say?

What if I failed in tasks today?
Lost my job or health?
Would I wallow in despair?
Or would You be my wealth

Let words repeat when worries rise
That fear is not my King
With my soul entrust to You
My Savior do I cling

Our mighty God, with loving grace
Heaven has He made
His precious Son walks with us
Speaking, “Do not be afraid”

Adoration Now

Oh Lord, my practice be
Adoration here
Blessing in this moment
For You are everywhere

Exercise of heart
To practice through my day
Attitude awaken
Love born in this way

Grateful for this time
Live right here and now
Seeker of the beauty
Found through eyes of thou

Adoring of the moment
Draws the fear away
To cherish blessings sent
A living way to pray

A fragrance sent of joy
An inner peace is found
Inviting of divine
Together love abounds

God of New

Lord of love surrounding
Connecting worlds of two
Physical and Spirit
Making all things new

Creations ever changing
Insight to behold
New in transformation
Those of willing mold

And what of His beloved
Think of whats in store
Treasure of His kingdom
Always giving more

Let fear not hold me back
Receive the gifts I’m blessed
Grateful for the moment
Light, let soul digest

Joy within this knowledge
Expectation in Your way
Soul explode in hope
Growing new this day


Needle of my compass
Drifts away from You
Prayer of need this morning
Adjustment of my view

Realign my focus
My treasures found abound
Mercy to this sinner
Bathed within Your love

May I dwell within You
In time to set aside
Abiding in Your presence
Growing deep inside

Purpose be attention
To be within Your way
Bless me with the grace
Your servant be this day

Joy in knowledge true
As needle points towards light
God so ever patient
Here to make things right

Beauty of White

Beauty of white covers the scene
Contrast is turned up so bright
Darkness and light, two sides oppose
So clear of the choice that is right

One which is lost in tangles and snares
Caught up in dependence on me
Barren and sharp, alone in the wood
Gratification is all that I see

The other is pure, white, soft and clean
Reflecting Your glorious light
Will is laid down covering all
Vision of hope is so bright

Journey beyond, let my path be to You
Focus on heaven above
Let my will be of You, grateful of heart
Covering all with Your unending love

Pilgrimage of Soul

How would it be to set aside?
A season just for You
A preparation of the soul
A pilgrimage to change my view

Three pillars strong our Church has set
Fasting, prayer and alms
The outline perfect guides our way
As laying as palms

To shift the focus to above
Away from self in me
Towards greater things beyond this world
Practice draws the heart to see

But one thing more forget not now
In this time this year
Our God is shining through the dark
A whisper sounding clear

Let soul be open, awareness be
Of gifts for open heart
Our God bestows abundantly
His blessed love to us impart

Winters Snow

Winters snow is falling
In gusts of blustery white
Protected in our home
Warmth of hearts delight

Scene is touched with grace
Covered everywhere
A blessing so complete
A single place not spared

Season’s barren colors
Transformed from up above
A miracle of simple
Blessed from the one of love

Perspective of the soul
In the hand of God
Fear now be dispelled
Trust in our friend, the Lord

Wisdom From the Vine

Into time of quiet,
The place where I find You
In the stillness of beyond
Above becomes the view

Rest now the voices
Screaming of things to do
Past the prayers of needing
Offering a moment or two

Dwelling into nothingness
Allowing light to shine
Receiving unknown graces
Wisdom from the vine

Emotions will not feel them
Faith will fill the cup
Trust will hear the words of soul
Hope will lift me up

Blessed within the mystery
Time beyond the known
By the goodness of our God
I’ll know the soul has grown

All About Me

I will make myself a king
With power over all
The center of the universe
I will make the call

Deciding whose deserving
Of love received this day
And who will bear my shoulder cold
Whoevers in my way

The world will change its view
Depending on my mood
Who will be ignored
And whom will I include

They will know their value
Of how well they now serve me
They better give me compliments
For my divinity

Because I am so deserving
My expectations must be met
My happiness will all depend
Upon the things that I can get

And when my life comes to the end
I’ll hold in empty hands
The loneliness of a wasted life
Fell into the devils plans

I would never speak these thoughts
Perhaps the words are stretched
But as I go about my day
Are they so farfetched?

Inner Space

Found in moments silence
A light within the dark
Voyage of the soul
Through Spirit we embark

Warming love divine
Fills the inner space
Foundation of our being
Blessed within Your grace

Drifting into nothing
Except unbounding love
Stoking of the knowing
Blessing from above

Joy is to be with you
Words cannot be found
Nourishment of soul
Grace of You abounds