Day of Ashes

How beautiful this day of ashes
Upon a path of holiness
Forty days is the journey
Away from our self-righteousness

Prayer and fasting lead the way
Towards the day of glory won
A perfect model walked this earth
As death was conquered by God’s son

We enter in a seasons time
To set our heart upon the way
We lift our eyes towards the light
To purge the soul of sin this day

Put on the simple, purpose filled
Blinders fixed on You
In the time of soul, awaken
Spirit nurtured, infused anew

Oh Spirit guide us on the path
Of things of which we have no need
Pride and greed and judgment flee
Which only serve to impede

Let this time be one of growth
Not just turning from our treat
A drawing closer to our God
Humility and soul complete

Let will be strengthened, practice learned
In paring down to what is true
The only treasures our soul needs
Mercy and the love of You

For in the end, we’ll pass through fire
Earthly goods and flesh will burn
We’ll reach up high and grasp Your hand
Rescued as the ash returns


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