Day of Ashes

How beautiful this day of ashes
Upon a path of holiness
Forty days is the journey
Away from our self-righteousness

Prayer and fasting lead the way
Towards the day of glory won
A perfect model walked this earth
As death was conquered by God’s son

We enter in a seasons time
To set our heart upon the way
We lift our eyes towards the light
To purge the soul of sin this day

Put on the simple, purpose filled
Blinders fixed on You
In the time of soul, awaken
Spirit nurtured, infused anew

Oh Spirit guide us on the path
Of things of which we have no need
Pride and greed and judgment flee
Which only serve to impede

Let this time be one of growth
Not just turning from our treat
A drawing closer to our God
Humility and soul complete

Let will be strengthened, practice learned
In paring down to what is true
The only treasures our soul needs
Mercy and the love of You

For in the end, we’ll pass through fire
Earthly goods and flesh will burn
We’ll reach up high and grasp Your hand
Rescued as the ash returns

Nourishment of Being

Nourishment of being
Fills, surrounding here
Word speaks, let me love you
In the stilling air

Breate the Spirit deeply
Filling all of me
Empty out the daily
Be of eternity

God of everlasting
Eternal love so pure
Be of self denying
Know only love endures

Grateful soul of knowing
Your touch within the way
Humble be my fragrance
Sharing light this day

Two Hands

Two hands come together
Both of them are mine
Blessed time to pray
Meeting of divine

Heart outpours in need
To an open ear
Compassion at the ready
Soul that knows He cares

Stress flows into peace
Fear in comfort found
Awareness fills the air
That true love here abounds

Oh Lord, how I need You
With blessed mercy great
Grace forever flowing
The way illuminates

One hand now releases
Soul is shining bright
Out of my control
The other still holds tight

Warming the Soul

Returning to the place
Of sweet encounter found
Spirit overwhelming
Memory profound

Joy was flowing freeing
Heart in singing strong
Community of light
In one love all belong

Soul is lifted higher
Turning up the flame
Gift of inner beauty
Treasure to reclaim
See now blessed moments
Of Spirit touching earth
Capture them in soul
Riches of true worth

Footprints in the Snow

Footprints left within the snow
Mark the journey of a soul
Who traveled to a river flowing
Something sought upon a stroll

What was its purpose? To take the time
Withdrawing from the busy scene
To seek the quiet of the soul
To search for God in peace serene?

What did he find along the way?
A God who met him where he was
Who listened to his voice intently
A God who loves him just because

He seeks his soul to draw him close
To walk beside and bear his load
To wash away his sins completely
To welcome him in His abode

I pray his journey was proved fruitful
That his soul was birthed anew
The empty void he sought to fill
Was overcome in light that grew

Fill My Heart

Come Lord Jesus, fill my heart
O Savior, come to me
Lift me from my selfishness
Bind my soul to thee

I know the way of heavens grace
Your word you speak so clear
Through narrow gate, let me pass
Please send Your Spirit here

Surround me in Your love, complete
Shine Your light so bright
Overwhelm me in Your grace
Raise me with Your might

For I am weak, in need of help
Burdened by my pride
Please gift me strength, lifted up
My Savior by my side

Grateful reverence fills my heart
Rejoicing from above
Worthy be my actions now
Through sharing of Your love

Under One Light

We gather together, under one light
To share in moments of heart
Employing the Spirit to breathe upon us
For the wisdom of God to impart

We lift up our voice, with praises we sing
To our God who is good to us so
Whatever’s to be we rest in His hand
For our God is faithful we know

We journey together, transparency shared
Seeing with eyes of the soul
Trusting in Him we open our heart
Hope for the broken made whole

We turn to our God with merciful grace
Lifting dear souls in need
Refreshed in the Spirit, compass aligned
With purposeful path, we proceed


Taught to be responsible
To do it on my own
I can solve the problem
No direction need be shone

Prayers are filled with “shoulds”
I must lead the way
My deeds must all be better
And guard the words I say

I’m tired of it all
Of rules that frame my day
Of all my shoulds and shouldn’ts
As failure leads the way

Oh God, now I surrender
As I can’t do it on my own
Let me start anew this day
Let Your light be shown

Let my focus be Your love
That dwells in me this day
Let Your mercy be my joy
Your forgiveness leads my way

Let intents be good enough
Turning in to You
Let Your love flow out of me
My focus born anew

A Cleaning

Sitting in this time of you
A journey of step small
Desire draws me closer
A whisper of Your call

A mirror true of shining
Stares me in the face
Choices hidden showing
The unneeded I embrace

Cleaning out the closet
Of junk within my soul
An opening of freedom
A surrender of control

I find inside some stumbling blocks
The things of which I fear
Will I give them to my Lord?
Or don’t I trust Him here

Avoidance drives these prayers of fear
That things will go my way
Could I change these thoughts of mine?
To see what God would say?

What if I failed in tasks today?
Lost my job or health?
Would I wallow in despair?
Or would You be my wealth

Let words repeat when worries rise
That fear is not my King
With my soul entrust to You
My Savior do I cling

Our mighty God, with loving grace
Heaven has He made
His precious Son walks with us
Speaking, “Do not be afraid”