Pilate in his fearfulness
Needed a trusted man
He turned to the centurion
To carry out his plan

He was a man of honor
Of strength with fear instilled
He carried out his tasks
Of what his leader willed

Jesus laid on cross
Time for nail in hand
He would do the deed
Fulfilling his command

He saw it all that day
The passion of His love
Something stirred the deep
That turned his eyes above

There he met His gaze
How His last breath was done
It caused to proclaim
This was the Gods own Son

Joseph came to Pilate
For Gods purpose be
Centurion was summoned
For words of his trustee

So the trusted man
Whose soul was born anew
Relayed to the fearful
That the claim was true

He’s now a man of honor
Of strength with fear instilled
He’ll carry out his tasks
Of what His God now wills

Before His death on earth
Lord seeks within His gaze
With hope to reconcile
To set our hearts ablaze

(only partially based upon sacred scripture)

That Awaits

Placed before the altar
Two awful symbols lay
Crown of thorns and nails
A chilling thought displayed

A torture that awaits You
One prepared for me
You step into my place
While I stand by and see

A crown of piercing skin
Of mind where evil seeps
Welcomed, grown and thought
In dark corners I do keep

Path of feet were placed
Action that begins
Hands in action moved
Followed way of sin

The One who truly loves
Bore the price for me
Let these symbols serve
My love eternally

My Name Is

Hello my name Pontius
Important man I am
Position filled with power
Decisions in my hand

My honor is now threatened
A crowd filled, all annoyed
I say I wash my hands
Decision to avoid

Worse, my name is Judas
Such evil I commit
No one will forgive me
Hopeless I admit

My trap is evils whisper
My sin’s too great for Him
I do not even try
To see what might have been

Let my name be Simon
Jesus in my path
Bearing of the cross
Saved in the aftermath

Vericona be my name
Compassion in the eyes
Love within the suffering
Hear the needy cries

Let my name be Peter
Sorrow in my tears
Knowing of my Lord
He’ll release me from my fears

Let my name be John
Remaining at Your side
Word of the beloved
In my soul please reside

Lord bless me a name
Unique within Your way
In all of my encounters
See Your eyes today

Praying With Spirit

May past flow downstream
Horizon be next day
Light of the moment
Be now of the way

Prayer of the deeper
Deeper, deeper still
Freedom from bondage
Releasing the will

Not of the doing
Be nothing of me
Seeking Your light
Surrenders the key

In heart hear the whisper
Of the spirit of God
Constantly praying
Through me, soul is awed

Attentive to Spirit
Of the cry from within
May prayer here be real
Let me now, join in

Love in the bonding
One body prays
Consumed in the flowing
In me, spirit raise

Prayer’s not of the me
But submission to love
Let You be the source
Of my prayer to above

Cherishing the Still

How great to just to nothing
With You abiding here
Soul is soothed in silence
Breathing of fresh air

One within the melting
Of frozen, icy chill
Aware within Your being
Cherishing the still

Rest bit of the journey
Grace within the way
Finding in the resting
A treasure You convey

Peace be in my fragrance
Path be one of You
Bringing into moment
Of daily things to do

Healing Touch

Precious gift of touch
Speaks wordless words of love
Received so much as babes
When older there’s lack of

A touch in friendship blessed
Gives more life than words
In tenderness of touch
Consolation true is heard

In wiping away tears
Or stroking of the back
Arm upon the shoulder
Hand upon hand stack

Moments of the sacred
Reconcile, reassure
Healing and forgiving
Through a touch, restore

Whoever touched our Lord
Were healed in moment true
A love that’s non-possessive
Incarnate God through You

From Henri Nouwens, “Bread for the Journey”

Jesus Today

Jesus share your wisdom
As knower of my heart
Desire to grow closer
A challenge You impart

I’ve made a declaration
As seeker of the light
May I see You now
Through gift of Your insight

You dwell within each soul
Behind the worlds disguise
Bless me gift of sight
To search for You inside

Past sin of busyness
To warm a lonely soul
Connection of the one
Two pieces form the whole

Leprosy of ego
That ugliness consumes
Cast away avoidance
Love now heals the wounds

One that drives me crazy
Scratches on blackboard
Your love flow through my heart
To let them feel adored

Today I need a Savior
Help me now I pray
Rejoicing through connections
I’ll see You in my way

Binding in Light

We know that you’ll be leaving
On earth your days no more
We see in soul the light ahead
Eternal loves in store

We speak no word of thought of this
As hands are clenching tight
Our hearts are binding tighter
We love with all our might

A knowledge passed between us
Spoke in word of soul
That we will live in faith
And give to God control

Next I’ll see a shell
In kiss of forehead cold
Tears of streaming love
Our souls bound in His hold

Here you dwell forever
You speak within my prayer
You love me in His light
Our souls still binding there


A thought to offer you
One to contemplate
Should not, I know, confine
Word of God so great

God of infinity
Counts to only one
Through acts of the single
That His will may be done

There is one heaven
And only one earth
Through grace of a virgin
One immaculate birth

A Savior, You sent us
To reconcile in one
Through a crucifixion
Salvation was won

One act at a time
Born of the Spirit
A child of God
Is moved just to hear it

One body in Christ
One light to each drawn
One choice of the will
A new life is spawned

God of eternal
Is one of the now
One soul that he seeks
If you will allow

A single decision
Free now to make
God offers us His love
Beseech you, please take

A choice at one time
Encounters of one
One love which to share
Through grace of one Son

Gather Round

All my dear beloved
Gather round me here
Souls of fond encounter
The blessed time to share

One of pure rejoicing
Through bond which we connect
Past time of earths unknowing
Of which our God perfects

Acknowledge first our weakness
Of sin which we all bore
Grateful for His mercy
Our Savior we adore

Dwell within the Word
Spoken to our ears
Rooted in our souls
Lived through our life here

Prayer now rise within
Sing a song of praise
Joy flow in our spirit
One voice here we raise

Share His inspirations
Breath of Spirit heard
Light of vision seen
Wounds that have been cured

Abide within the sacred
Together let us bond
Bread of His one body
Amen we now respond

A vision of to be
Of heavens love in one
All of us connected
Through God’s only Son