Morn’ of March

Winters morning shines
In March’s hopeful light
Branches are encased
In robe of holy white

Evergreens adorned
With accent of new snow
Winters last hurrah
Of beauty to bestow

Sit in stilling morn
With my God of love
Awe of painting touched
A falling from above

Beauty strokes the soul
Rejoicing in the scene
Chilling to the bone
Warmth of bond pristine

Let all else fall away
In masterpiece of grace
Adoring two as one
Encased in Your embrace


2 thoughts on “Morn’ of March”

    1. Dr Swag, Thank you for the kind words. To be honest, I’m not much of a writer. Just try to capture, words flowing 🙂

      For you…..


      Word of encouragement
      Sent to me this day
      What stirred a soul to act
      And bless me in this way

      Whisper of the Spirit
      Received in open heart
      Blossomed into action
      Receiver to impart

      To send word on the way
      Expecting nothing back
      Abiding in the knowledge
      Of joy within the act

      Building of the kingdom
      Through loves connection true
      Long ripple of the wave
      Sent by God through you

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