Gather Round

All my dear beloved
Gather round me here
Souls of fond encounter
The blessed time to share

One of pure rejoicing
Through bond which we connect
Past time of earths unknowing
Of which our God perfects

Acknowledge first our weakness
Of sin which we all bore
Grateful for His mercy
Our Savior we adore

Dwell within the Word
Spoken to our ears
Rooted in our souls
Lived through our life here

Prayer now rise within
Sing a song of praise
Joy flow in our spirit
One voice here we raise

Share His inspirations
Breath of Spirit heard
Light of vision seen
Wounds that have been cured

Abide within the sacred
Together let us bond
Bread of His one body
Amen we now respond

A vision of to be
Of heavens love in one
All of us connected
Through God’s only Son

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