A thought to offer you
One to contemplate
Should not, I know, confine
Word of God so great

God of infinity
Counts to only one
Through acts of the single
That His will may be done

There is one heaven
And only one earth
Through grace of a virgin
One immaculate birth

A Savior, You sent us
To reconcile in one
Through a crucifixion
Salvation was won

One act at a time
Born of the Spirit
A child of God
Is moved just to hear it

One body in Christ
One light to each drawn
One choice of the will
A new life is spawned

God of eternal
Is one of the now
One soul that he seeks
If you will allow

A single decision
Free now to make
God offers us His love
Beseech you, please take

A choice at one time
Encounters of one
One love which to share
Through grace of one Son

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