My Name Is

Hello my name Pontius
Important man I am
Position filled with power
Decisions in my hand

My honor is now threatened
A crowd filled, all annoyed
I say I wash my hands
Decision to avoid

Worse, my name is Judas
Such evil I commit
No one will forgive me
Hopeless I admit

My trap is evils whisper
My sin’s too great for Him
I do not even try
To see what might have been

Let my name be Simon
Jesus in my path
Bearing of the cross
Saved in the aftermath

Vericona be my name
Compassion in the eyes
Love within the suffering
Hear the needy cries

Let my name be Peter
Sorrow in my tears
Knowing of my Lord
He’ll release me from my fears

Let my name be John
Remaining at Your side
Word of the beloved
In my soul please reside

Lord bless me a name
Unique within Your way
In all of my encounters
See Your eyes today

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