Crippled One

I knew a worldly man
With millions in his bank
Two homes and a big boat
A family which to thank

One by one he lost it
Soon he was flat broke
If not bad enough
Lost his health, a stroke

My Lord led me to him
To church he like to go
Soon his faith grow stronger
His God he loved to know

One night a call for help
Struck me when opened door
A lonely crippled man
Curled up with trash on floor

How sad a sight to see
My heart went out to him
To soul he gazed to say
“Happier he’s never been

I know the Lord loves me
Nothing else I need
I put my faith in Him
All else I concede”

Through the light of Spirit
A different view was spun
Blessed was I to see
That I’m the crippled one


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