The Flame

Nestled in the hollow
Of this busy earth
God blessed a retreat
Of which His flame was birthed

Shared among the many
Hope within the way
Peace gifted to souls
A Holy place to pray

Many candles lit
From the source of one
And for the hopeless lost
Eternal way begun

To His faithful servants
Who tendered souls with care
Eternal love secured
Are His cherished dear

To those of weary heart
That sees a setting sun
Stir the Word surrendered
May God’s will be done

For love endures forever
From this flame, was shared
One day we all will see
The light shines everywhere

Morning’s Peace

Morning’s peace is singing
Thru sunrise golden rays
Whispered in the air
Creation lifts its praise

To our God of wonder
Great beyond our mind
Love of His abundant
Every moment find

Join in celebration
New way here begin
Release inhibitions
May I join within

Joy within my heart
Consumption for the wise
Surrender of the soul
Awe seen thru my eyes

Emptiness and Fullness

Emptiness and fullness
First seen as opposites
But in the life of Spirit
We see that they are not

When within the Spirit
Fulfillment we do find
Of desires deep
Be empty for divine

Our cups we must empty
Of our lives complete
To receive the fullness
Of our God we meet

On cross, our Lord lived it
Both became the same
When given all to Father
“It is fulfilled”, he claimed

Listen to the question
Which Jesus asks us think
Can you drink the cup
That I’m going to drink?

Based upon text from Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey


Something of the lake
Captures deep the soul
Drawn into its depths
Relief from stresses toll

Lights illumination
Lenses focused clear
Soothing of the waves
Insights now appear

View of living canvas
Reflection from above
Word of the beyond
Portrait of God s love

Every day anew
In colors that are mixed
Moments taken paused
Leaves the soul transfixed

Peace is word consumed
Resting in the flow
Heart refreshed in turning
What God wants us to know

Prayer of nothing spoken
Masterpiece so great
God and man in being
Of time to contemplate

Road Ahead

Road goes up and down
Winding left and right
Past the fields and trees
Filtered through Your light

Which way of the turning
My direction be
One of the immediate
Or of eternity

Spirit be my guide
Tune the ear towards voice
Let me seek direction
Your kingdom be my choice

Through rain and days of fog
Through icy bitter cold
Commitment to the goal
May my strength be bold

Joys along the journey
Gifts before my way
With feet placed on Your path
Let me start this day

Prayer of Easy

Praying prayer of easy
Of things to go my way
Hearing word of shifting
For mercy now to pray

Acknowledging my weakness
Before my God of all
Knowing deep of needing
To knees on ground do fall

My words of promise easy
Fade as passing smoke
Surrendering to Savior
Together bear the yoke

Cast away the scorecard
Of great things to do
Focus be of moment
In the love of You

Drink of Stillness

Drinking in of stillness
Rest of weary bones
Focus of receiving
Truth of love is known

Heart in hand of resting
Flows to muscles peace
Mind of busy doing
Time here to release

One within of being
Love abiding strong
Wisp of Spirit singing
A song we all belong

Blessed time of dwelling
In soul of binding sweet
Treasure of the finding
My creator meet

Presence of Embrace

A blessed time to be
Before Your throne of grace
One of stilling quiet
Presence of embrace

Heart slows down in pumping
Thought release from mind
Muscles of relaxing
Light of Spirit find

Dwell right here and now
Drifting into flow
Acceptance of divine
Love You wish to show

Feel it swirling round
Deeply breathe it in
Permeate my being
Source of grace within

Way Beyond our View

Man of great inventions
Feats inspire awe
Gods presents his wisdom
With vision He foresaw

Floating on the water
Flying thru the air
Acts our feathered friends
Do without a fear

Breathing underwater
Moving without out limbs
Fish beyond our sight
Live free on a whim

Cactus of the desert
No water, long of time
Growing in the sand
Towards the light it climbs

In microscopic atoms
Way beyond our view
As deep as man discovers
Always something new

Presented here before us
In our daily way
Reminders of Gods glory
A Holy turn to pray