Friends Frustration

My Lord of great peace
Frustrations set in
To dear friend in need
Please peace send to him?

Things out of control
Not going his way
Direction is lost
For him, I do pray

Through darkness see light
Crack open the door
Hope is now offered
To him, love outpour

Grant him now peace
Perspective of You
In flare of the moment
Not easy to do

While I am at it
Preventative prayer
In frustrations ahead
For me now prepare

Mornings Praise

Praise to our Creator
For plan of grand design
Entrance into morning
Lifts this soul of mine

Virgin air of breathing
Fresh drawing of the clean
Purity of Spirit
Ingesting of unseen

Masterpiece of sky
To universe expands
Setting of perspective
That there’s a greater plan

Gift of light laid down
A humble touch of grace
Warming of the soul
Falls to Your embrace

Mornings set in place
In soul all resonates
Deep within the Spirit
With Jesus contemplate

Prince of Peace

Jesus, prince of peace
Source of all hope found
Not of giving little
Abundance is what’s found

Jesus could have saved us
Through drop of blood of one
He outpoured it all
Love of Gods own Son

Tranquil comes in drips
Fading memory
Peace not of this world
Through Jesus we will see

One of the eternal
Perspective from above
Infinite His grace
Passion of His love

Clinging to this gift
Peace eternal here
Turn to love of Savior
Sharing everywhere

Gifted Clear

Awakening in morning
A vision gifted clear
Suspended in the being
Of You dwelling here

Clear is the perspective
Subsistence of the now
Provider of existence
All needed You endow

Little is my doing
Farce, that I control
Wills cooperation
Compass thru the soul

Gift a new perspective
Let go of daily race
Treasure of my focus
Cherishment of grace

Lake Walk

A walk around the lake
On this morning fine
Blessings that you send
For the soul to find

Through the shaded coves
Prayers of silence loft
Nestled in the pines
Needles laid down soft

Over simple bridge
Of flowing creeks supply
In the waters marsh
Lilies beauty lies

Winding round the bend
Tall grass sway of breeze
Drifting into way
Heart is set at ease

Glimpse of sparking light
Reflection heaven sent
Journey joins the one
For whom this path is meant

Breathing In The Morning

Breathing in the morning
Of day that’s born anew
Awakening the peaceful
Instilled by love of you

Grass is kissed with dew
Light has been laid down
Water stills reflection
Spirit swirls around

Song is softly singing
Blossoms colors true
Blue is sky uplifting
Moved within your view

Peace is word transforming
Soul consumes in its fill
Light illuminating
Blessed is heart of still

Left Within

Soul is of the melting
Encounters blessed with You
Abundant are the blessings
Found within Your view

Spirit of uplifting
Visions touch the heart
Intimate is sharing
The word that You impart

Left within transforming
A molding of the soul
Fears all dissipating
Love known through console

Hints within the journey
Glimpsed are treasures fond
Born through our encounters
Lived within the bond

Friend of The

My friends of the air
In branches of height
Mornings sweet song
Brings my heart delight

My friends of the way
Who dwell in the light
Song of Your joy
Heart of contrite

My friend of the Spirit
Soul you ignite
Song of one voice
Brings heart insight

My friend of the Son
Clothed in pure white
Song only love
Heart clinging tight