Moving On

Another place for me
Is what You have in store
Roots must be transplanted
New water to be poured

A place within my soul
There will always be
Encounters of the fond
Of where You spoke to me

Visions that we shared
Love encountered true
Gifts that were bestowed
Treasure found in You

In way of the to be
I know I’ll find Your there
New blessings of the crafting
In growth that You prepare

Blossoms Shadow

Fallen blossoms cover
In circle of Your grace
A vision beautiful
Soul in Your embrace

Birthed within Your light
Nourished by roots deep
Fruit of love displayed
Harvest to be reaped

Shadow that is cast
Not one of blocking light
One of brilliant color
Heavens touch shown bright

May this soul be rich
In blossoms will this day
Through Spirits breath uplifted
Trail of path be laid

Glimpse of Spirit

Through sleepy tired fog
In opening of eyes
Awaking of soul
Gift sent was a surprise

Caught a glimpse of spirit
In colors morning mist
Danced upon the pasture
As sunrise sent a kiss

Background was a palette
Of rainbows colors mix
Beauty of the heart
Left the soul transfixed

Joy to start this day
Of what our God prepares
Abiding with the grateful
View to see He cares

Swirling of carefree
Between heaven and earth
Sonnet of rejoicing
As God prepares rebirth

Dew christens the footsteps
Light blesses the way
Branches lift in praise
Drawing all to pray

A turn to see me watching
A smile arose within
Beckoning of calling
To say come on, join in


What bring I to this world
That’s known behind the eyes
Busy rushing spirit
Composure a disguise

Stress of overflowing
I must now be first
Pushing irritation
Myself of which I thirst

Put all else aside
Be with savior deep
Let his peace surround
Into soul now seep

Walk of different way
Kingdoms purpose be
Sharing of your love
Now flow out of me

Glance into the eyes
Flash of smile bright
Kindness of the spirit
Shining of your light

Rejoicing in Awareness

You inspire awe
With sunrise of the rose
Spirit offers guiding
Whichever way it blows

You draw my attention
With flight of dancing birds
Pausing soul to ponder
Whisper to be heard

You uplift my soul
With sweet caress of song
Lyric of the drawing
To one love we belong

You send me with a blessing
Of sunbursts golden rays
Bless with gifts of serving
Encounters to amaze

You are always with me
Gifts within the way
Rejoicing in awareness
Of You in walk today

Creations Morning Still

Easy be this day
To see Your grace bestowed
Day fulfilled with colors
Love here that’s been shown

Emblazed within Your light
Bright and beauty clear
Dwelling in Your freedom
Abiding with You near

Joy and peace entwining
Soul drinks in it’s fill
Eternal moments resting
Creations morning still

No effort be the moving
Of souls uplifting praise
Witness of connecting
Wonders to amaze

Song of Spirit calling
Rejoice in this fine day
Glorious the gifts
Bestowed within the way


Seeking in the daily
Spirit of the view
Signposts of the journey
Encouragement by You

What is of the soul
That warms in touching light
Pause, in confirmation
The joy of hearts delight

Café conversations
Deep within a friend
Word of inspiration
Wisdom that You send

Water of the shining
Soaring Spirit high
Song of colors blossom
Gifts not pass me by

Witnessing of love
Souls join hand in hand
Path beyond this world
Towards the Holy land

Your signposts guide the way
Rejoice from whom their sent
Vapors of the Spirit
Jewels of cherishment

It Wants To Be

Grateful is my heart
At least it wants to be
A time to count my blessings
To offer praise to thee

A morning’s start this day
An offered thought to You
To foster willing heart
With Spirit passing through

You love me into being
Life sustained this day
Beauty in surrounding
With blessings sent my way

Joy found in Your treasures
In souls and gifts received
Let me turn to You
Relationship You weave


Tense now are the muscles
Worry on the brain
Multitude of tasks
Thoughts now unconstrained

Far away from holy
Not my goal at all
Resetting of the path
Responding to the call

Pausing in the swirl
To spend some moments few
To fall in Your embrace
The answer found in You

Lord please be my focus
Be my point of light
Hope within the darkness
Pray through You, unite

I am not the answer
Or things that I must do
Appealing to my Savior
For Him to see me through

Blue Sky Day

Grass is bursting green
It’s a blue sky day
Trees present their blossoms
A glorious Sunday!

Easy lift of soul
Carefree in the breeze
Grateful be the heart
Way be one of ease

Light is shining bright
Air is fresh and clear
Joy be in the step
Walking with You near

Gift of great refreshment
Blessed to one in need
Soul soak in Your grace
A prayer to plant Your seed