7 I Am’s

Meditate upon these words
That Jesus does impart
The “I AMs” of seven
Dwell within the heart

I am the bread of life
True vine and the way
Resurrection and the life
The door to us this day

The light of the world
The gate eternals soul
I am the shepherd good
Remain with Your hold

Such wisdom in His word
Reveals an insight deep
Faithful is our Savior
Protected in His keep

From contemplations swirl
One word raised above
That speaks of who He is
Our great God is love

Hidden in the Breeze

Hidden in the breeze
A subtle silent scent
Sweet within its whisper
Thought for me it’s meant

One to take a moment
Focus on the now
Awakening the senses
To speak to me somehow

Familiar are the voices
Woven in the light
Blessed are Your treasures
Palette of delight

Atuning soul to You
Joy drifts into heart
Prayer of deep connection
A calling you impart