Kindness in his eyes
Extending open hand
Joy within the meeting
Welcome in heart lands

Genuine his actions
Friendly are his words
Comfort in his grip
To let your soul be heard

Others are drawn towards him
Moved by need of heart
Relationship complete
Gift he does impart

Feeling Christ within him
Faith he’s living out
Fragrance of acceptance
Practice of devout

Fed in prayer of quiet
Source found in Your love
Sharing of outpouring
Connection to above

Attraction to You

Easy be the drifting
In daily distractions
Take a moments prayer
To focus attractions

Everything’s from you
In breath of life this day
Gratefulness be birthed
In root of which I pray

Eternity was won
By a price so great
Fulfilled by love of Son
Saves us from our fate

Purpose of His calling
To share His love instilled
In dying to the self
Our binding is fulfilled

Attraction be to You
All else is tempting dust
Drawing to the light
Walking forth in trust

Loves Abyss

If the soul is willing
Surrender to You fall
Inner ear will hear
A gentle whisper call

One of tender Spirit
A drawing of the deep
Response is of acceptance
To stilling soul will seep

To sit within Your grace
In radiance of light
To fall in loves abyss
Man and God unite

One of great receiving
Letting go to be
Practice of responding
A changing heart we’ll see

Time of soul renewing
Transformation known
One of peace instilling
Through loves connection shown


Standing in the shadows
With flowers at her feet
Extending open hands
A bench to have a seat

Only a rendition
Of welcome comfort known
Eyes of humble beauty
Depict her love that’s shown

Spirit here descending
In fragrance that surrounds
Solitude of messages
Conveys that peace is found

Shaw of graceful blue
Reflects an open sky
Heavens ocean flowing
To soul from God up high

Lead us to Your Jesus
His presence to be blessed
Word be of the joy
By one word of Yes

Always Seeking

If I am aware
I’ll realize this day
You are always seeking
To touch me in new ways

Let my eyes be open
Soul be of contrite
Quick to recognize
Receive Your gift of light

By word, touch or vision
Stirring to rejoice
Grateful will of heart
Acceptance be my choice

Blessed by our good God
May Your will be done
Breath of Spirit flow
Through the love of Son

Covenant Fulfilled

Covenant forever
Eternal love of You
Cherishing this blessing
No greater gift so true

Moses did foreshadow
In altars covered blood
Sprinkled on God’s people
Cleansed as Noah’s flood

Covenant fulfilled
By God’s only Son
Poured out His precious blood
On cross His will be done

A cup offered to all
One of precious grace
Seal upon the soul
Live from this inner space

God’s Favorite Color

Awakening this morning
To gift of colors blessed
Pondering the question
Which one does God like best?

Perhaps the one of growth
Of living color green
Or the joy of yellow
Surprise within the scene

He chose the color blue
Reflecting of up high
One to move our view
To hope in color sky

Purity of white
Of inner Spirit spread
One we can’t attain
Without His blood of red

Universe of black
Eyes of closing still
Humble of the empty
One He loves to fill

Perhaps He loves them all
His love to touch us bright
The color of the One
His favorite color, light

All Along

Breath of deep exhales
Settle down to prayer
Rushing of exhaustion
To be with You here

Quickly getting ready
Finish one more chore
Swallowing some food
Rushing out the door

Driving down the road
Other cars to pass
Stress at light of red
And stepping on the gas

In our silence sweet
I fall in Your embrace
Spirit whispers rest
A break from daily race

Perhaps I miss the point
My God for which I long
Passed by with all my rushing
Was with me all along

Reverse The Flow

Through the many shadows
Of my broken moods
Precious time expended
On feelings misconstrued

Ego is the driver
Pride taken control
Slamming on the brake
Center on the soul

Time to change the flow
From outward to within
What I see and process
Perception drives my sin

Time of quiet be
Rest in Your embrace
Receiving love and mercy
Precious gifts of grace

Love unbounded flows
From this place now be
View within the out
Receive Your eyes to see

Give what we’ve received
Loved without a doubt
Bless a new direction
Flow from the inside out

Dwell Within the Cell

Tuning out worlds senses
Retreating to our cell
One of silent being
In soul a time to dwell

One of full attention
A stilling letting go
Response to Your calling
Love for us to know

Perfect is the beauty
Resting in Your hands
Open to Your light
Treasures to us land

Tranquil peace is flowing
Knowing beyond word
Bonding of divine
The true self is heard

Journey moves us forward
World calls to dispel
Remember from our being
To dwell within the cell