Only To Adore

Heart falls in the crossing
Translucent entering
Soft surrenders whisper
Nothing do I bring

Emptiness of being
Allows the soul to pass
Dilution in the blending
Light clear through stained glass

Knowing of the nothing
Except the love of You
Sweet release of joy
Purity of view

Treasure of Your blessing
Song of so much more
Moment sets perspective
Of only to adore

Jesus On My Lips

When pride triggers my sin
Through crack evil thought slips
Spirit intercede
With Jesus on my lips

Guardian of door
Resting at the gate
Sweetness of Your wine
Seeps to contemplate

Travel to the heart
Cleanse with precious blood
Rooting out my sin
Loving light here flood

Turning of the tide
Dark of night now cease
Kingdoms victory
By spreading of Your peace


Massager of the soul
Hands of gentle touch
Sooth with gentle care
This soul You love so much

Safe within Your grip
Trust falls into place
Allowing one to be
In fragrance of Your grace

Surrendering to You
Rushing time to cease
Dwelling of the deep
Worries now release

Completely letting go
In masters gentle hold
Soul prepared to serve
By way of which You mold

Lakes Morning

Stillness of lakes morning
Draws the colors hue
Stirring soul to move
Inward call to You

Ear of heart emerging
One of purpose true
False mask fades in falling
Cleansed by love in you

In lights shining moment
Uplifting sense of hope
One of all souls joining
Spirits breath elope

Presence so fulfilling
Air of reverence pause
Desires sweet surrender
Deeper being draws

Soul of heavens stilling
Enwrapped as Spirit sings
Aware of soft caressing
By glance of angels wings

Sunrise Golden Rays

Mornings peace is singing
Thru sunrise golden rays
Whispered in the air
Creation lifts its praise

To our God of wonder
Great beyond our mind
Love of His abundant
Every moment find

Join in celebration
Let me enter in
Release inhibitions
May I join within

Joy within my heart
Awe seen thru my eyes
Surrender of the soul
Captured Holy prize


Lord if it’s your will
To here in this place be
I accept it fully
Your purpose may I see

Here is my cathedral
Your people to be loved
Please instill your spirit
Connect us to above

Find me no complaint
Escape not let me seek
Be right here and now
Your heart my heart speak

Your patience I depend
Mercy do I cling
In letting go of me
Here your spirit bring


Dogwoods graceful blossom
Draws one to Your way
Gentle white uplifting
Inciting one to pray

Rest now soul of mine
To train the inner ear
Within your gift of beauty
To let the soul now hear

Fragrance of surrounding
Comfort of the known
Heard within the calling
A love the blossoms shown

Sense of sight discarded
Vision is seen clear
Appealing to the Spirit
Come now light appear

Friend of warm encounter
Fills the empty space
Prayer be pure as blossom
To dwell within this place

Chosen Turning

Blessed day so holy
One that’s born of You
Blinded see routine
Chosen see the new

Prayer now to acknowledge
Our Creator, sovereign King
Aligning to Your purpose
To earth His kingdom bring

Attune the soul to vision
Of treasures of the way
Cherishing His love
Blessed to us this day

Calling us to bonding
His grace for us to share
A will of chosen turning
To see Him everywhere

Your Kingdom Bring

You offer me a gift
Of which I’m worthy not
Won by a passion be
Of which Your son begot

Soul blessed to receive
The wonders of Your grace
Those beyond the mind
Past the human race

Spirit dwell within
Seal upon the soul
Missing piece fulfilled
Broken man made whole

Stirring inner light
Holy Spirit sing
Moving passion shine
Through heart Your kingdom bring