I come before You now
A soul of Your delight
Blessed within Your gifts
A prayer for appetite

Prayer not be for wisdom
Nor my comfort be
World not of the needing
But hungry be for thee

One within the seeking
A soul to raise much higher
Path to follow light
One of deep desire

Gifts of God abundant
Word of love so true
Move within my deep
Pining soul for You

Works will be aligned
By following Your light
Appetite fulfilled
Soul will be alright

A Body and A Spirit

Here we find a body
One in which to share
Touch of deepest need
To know somebody cares

One of love outpouring
In word or act or deed
Offers of the good
Will it does concede

Here we find the Spirit
Flowing from beyond
Intoxicating movement
Of which the soul is fond

Connection in the bonding
Joy here sings its song
Lifting heart as one
Knowing we belong

Body and the Spirit
Who may this here be?
Jesus, our dear Lord?
Or Him moving through me

Gentle Rain

A gentle rain was blessed
Upon this morning’s dawn
Silt is washed away
Freshness here is spawned

Fading of the gray
Light is breaking through
Awakening this day
Birthed in light of You

Wash away the old
Let me seek Your way
Ahead discover gifts
Prepared for me this day

Ones to mold my soul
Gratitude invoke
Shared with brother dear
Spirit in me soak

Water Still

Within a sunrise soft
Body of water still
Drawing my attention
Consuming of my will

Peace is the attraction
Message of the day
Acknowledgement is birthed
In bowing to the way

God is in control
Creator genuine
Love His only plan
Prayer now to begin

Let me be as one
In kingdoms heaven now
Still as a receiver
Of gifts that You endow

Store within the soul
Knowledge of great care
Peace and joy and hope
This day of which to share

Nourishment of Soul

No nourishment of body
Stomach so hungry
Movement hits a wall
Muscles atrophy

Same is with the spirit
Soul will fade away
Nourishment of soul
Can come in many ways

First is one of prayer
Conversation with our God
An intimate connection
Born through saving Lord

Another deep of reading
In scripture and in Word
Insights of our brothers
Through soul’s ear is heard

Corporal acts of mercy
In serving brother dear
Poor or the imprisoned
Heart of Jesus shared

Feeding of the soul
In Jesus we will see
Through bread broken for all
His body grows in me

Joy of Fragrance

Fragrance once obnoxious
Drifts to me again
Encounter of reflection
Of souls to me You send

A crossing You ordained
Several years ago
Uncomfortable connection
A chance for soul to grow

Reaction to avoid
To turn the other way
But soul of a new skin
In love caused me to stay

Listening with love
One of open heart
Seed of compassion grew
Relationship to start

Of Jesus in their wounds
A mirror of my lens
Blossom in the kingdom
This way of soul You cleanse

Joy now in the fragrance
Grow within the way
Lesson of acceptance
Practice more this day

Grace Covering

Messages of calling
Sent to me this day
Open eye of soul
Receive them in the way

Peace within still water
Sends a message clear
God of providence
Dwelling now right here

Joy in lights bright shining
Lifts one to above
Heart of child singing
Praise for Your great love

Sky of empty blue
Treasures You outpour
Reflect them as my soul
Moment now adore

Presence overflowing
Comfort, warm embrace
Blessed soul of knowing
Covered in Your grace

Bringing My Friends

Bringing my friends within
To this time of prayer
All of us needing
In Spirit gather here

Some in need of wisdom
Others suffer deep
Healing of the body
Gifts of soul to seep

We come as one body
Turning to our hope
To our Savior dear
No other way to cope

Answers of the many
Found in scripture true
May be one of silence
Our faith to put in You

May bonding be a fruit
May we be as one
In sorrow and in joy
Connected through Gods son

Come to Know

I have come to know
The Spirit of the Lord
The more I comprehend
The deeper goes my God

I have come to know
That I’m a wounded soul
If I let Him in
My Lord completes me whole

I have come to know
That I’m a sinner great
His mercy is unending
He saves me from my fate

I have come to know
That I’m a soul adored
When I do not feel it
Still He loves me more

I have come to know
My God, my sovereign king
When I am in need
An angel He does bring

I have come to know
A touch, so little of
The wonders of our God
And His unending love

I have come to know
My God of open door
My prayer begin each day
That I’ll desire more

Receiver Blessed

Mid day in summers cool
Soft breeze upon the cheek
Resting of within
Spirits breath soul seeks

Closing of the eyes
To see within the deep
Body letting go
Unspoken here to seek

Gentleness of word
Descends upon the heart
Love you wish to share
Treasure you impart

Core in one with you
Spirits breath caress
Moment of surrender
Receiver here is blessed