Oh Lord

Oh Lord, it is You, only You
Help me to let go of me
Oh Lord, You are good, so good
Let grateful may my soul be

Oh Lord, of patience, so patient
Thank for bearing with me
Oh Lord, of wisdom, my guide
Let my will surrender to thee

Oh Lord, of the meek, so humble
Bless me humility
Oh Lord, of grace, forgiveness
Thankful for Your great mercy

Oh Lord, of peace, of eternal
Rest in the comfort of thee
Oh Lord, of love, One word
Let us be eternally

Melting Walls

World of many walls
Damming heavens flow
Locks upon the window
Of joys for us to know

Cemented by our pride
Raised within our fear
Look unto the light
To call His Spirit here

Oh Lord, may I serve
To dismantle them here
Please bless me Your gifts
Instilled by our prayer

In wake of the cold
May your kindness flow
In rise of my needs
May I let them go

In battle of pride
May humility rein
Trust be in You
On the kingdoms campaign


Something that I want
Is just beyond my reach
Convincing of some souls
To them I now beseech

Crafting of my words
To make them see my way
May have to bend the truth
In the words I say

Moving of the light
To cast a shadows view
To get the things I want
Some words be misconstrued

Happy when I get
A temporary flair
In the view of time
I’ll find a deep despair

For I have gone the way
Of devil’s tempting words
In wanting of my own
His voice I followed, heard

Oh manipulation
A sin I cherished true
Set me down a path
That carried me from You

Lord, let me submit
To seeking of Your way
Surrendering of me
To follow You today

Lakes New Song

Awakening this day
To lake with a new song
Flowing on its surface
Carries sky along

Drawing hungry souls
To fall within its gaze
Stilling in its peace
Coming in new waves

Lyrics dwell within
Of solitude of One
Moving of the body
Found within God’s Son

Above in heavens grace
A rainbow cast on all
Shown in prism colors
His love connects us all


As I read their poems
I feel their thoughts inspire
Arising deep within
I see my heart’s desire

A wish that I could write
Beauty such as theirs
I look unto my words
They hardly can compare

Or turn to jealous eye
A critic full of shoulds
I’m more talented
As they don’t rhyme so good

Thankful that our God
Does not view as I do
He does not compare
Just calls us, me and you

To offer broken pieces
Spirit from our soul
Our humble offering
Creator makes it whole

For we are one body
A Kingdom our Lord brings
Connecting of the pieces
Mosaic of making

Real Word

Friends in me confiding
The struggles that they bear
Difficulties facing
Hidden that they share

Spouse of suffering
Illness without hope
Child with depression
So difficult to cope

Elderly need caring
Or children cannot bear
Suicidal thoughts
Day of deep despair

Listening intently
Compassion of the heart
Tears of sorrow well
No words to even start

These common words arise
To them my offer pleads
Will you please let me know?
Anything you need

Crosses of the journey
Ones which we all bear
I know the One they need
Please answer may I share

Oh Lord give me the strength
To share the answer true
The wisdom of eternal
The gift of love of You

Cube of Void

Gift is set before me
An empty inner room
Question of its purpose
Thoughts here to consume

In it exists nothing
No worries and no fears
Nor treasures of this earth
Void of human cares

Question is before me
Will I step within?
Faith of question offered
Journey to begin

One of the unknown
One of letting go
If it’s Your desire
Entrance may I know