Mornings Smile

Relationship is growing
Seeing You each morn’
First of the routine
Now desires born

Didn’t’ see it coming
You took me by the hand
Blessing me with treasures
With gentleness of plan

Welcomed in Your presence
Clinging arms embrace
So happy to be with You
Gaze of face to face

Sharing of the way
Joys and sorrows both
Worries dissipate
Faith stretches in growth

Anticipation blossoms
Sharing intimate
Trust surrounds completely
Love of infinite

Breathing as One

Into peace of silence
I bring my soul to pray
Falling into stilling
Grace to start this day

World fades in eyes closing
Drifting into One
Consumed within Your presence
Treasure blessed through Son

Empty in the drifting
Freedom of the still
Let the soul surrender
To take me where You will

Awareness in the breathing
Something in the air
Sweetness of the Spirit
Drawing ever near

Fill me with Your presence
Aligned in unison
Stirring of the deep
Breathing here as One


Come let me console you
Your burdens let me lift
Child of my loving
Would you receive this gift

Rest bit of the journey
Heavy be the load
Free the weight of shoulder
Rest in my abode

Tender of the touching
Massaging Spirit deep
Release to me your feelings
In safety, free to weep

No lecture in the making
Just friend to lend an ear
You are not alone
Always know I’m here

Drift into the knowing
Climbing of this hill
In precipice of viewing
The light ahead shines still

Water Stills

In page of this days turning
On horizon colors spill
Light whispers in fading
A moment which to fill

Blanket calm in casting
Descends from the within
Arising to the surface
Transition to begin

Waves flow on to nothing
Stillness is the king
Water smooth as glass
With message here to bring

Silence sings its treasure
Song of soul begun
Tune of catching rhythm
Lyrics of the one

Vision of consuming
Worries now release
Soul is filled in stillness
Blessed in moments peace

Covering of Blessing

Take a moment’s pause
To rest this soul of mine
Nurturing the Spirit
Call of the divine

One of focus be
Gift here of the true
Centering the treasure
Of finding me in You

Love forever dwelling
Pinpoint of Your light
Grace of You outpouring
In spiritual delight

A covering of blessing
Of cleansing mercy great
Refocus now the purpose
Your love disseminate

Hope Consumes Despair

Life taken away
By self of thine own hand
Empty heart of hopeless
No place on earth to land

Questions of no answer
Rise within our soul
Turn beyond of knowing
Out of our control

Heart cries in compassion
Of torment suffered deep
Alone to fight your struggles
Secrets in your keep

Questions of no answer
We offer to above
Light beyond the clouds
To trust within Your love

Where torment soothes its peace
Answer seen in prayer
Unseen finds its vision
Hope consumes despair


In being of us now
A message clear shines through
Oh my child dear
Something I ask of you

Would you just receive?
The gift I wish to share
Take a moment few
Your soul let us prepare

It is my joy to bless
Your heart within my way
Showering of treasures
Just receive this day

You are dear to me
I long to love you true
Let me receive the gift
Of joy of blessing you

Prayer of Alignment

Gift of this new day
I pray now to profess
Framework of desire
Help I do confess

That I will acknowledge
I’m a soul in need
Proclaim that Your my God
Broken soul concedes

Hope found in awareness
I’ll see You in this day
Through stirring of my soul
Discovered in new ways

Grace blessed in acceptance
Grateful heart is found
Love showered upon us
One which knows no bounds

Movement into action
Through your source of love
Light of shining clear
Alignment to above

Here Ignite

Room of empty presence
Altar now is bare
Wicks of candle cold
No souls upon the chairs

Vacuum of the drawing
Spurring souls to move
Love the inspiration
Passage through the groove

Soon there will be stirring
Of song of worships praise
Word upon the table
In one our Spirit raise

Paths cross in His calling
Community of One
Broken body whole
Bound in love of Son

Sparking of the candles
Joy of new born light
Challenge of Lord speaking
Transforming here ignite

As soul of empty viewing
Fill me as I pray
In silence rests my soul
Prepare me in the way

Another Way

I have grown accustom to
The way of which I’ve learned
One within my doing
Of treasures to be earned

Making of my money
Home of comfort be
Buying of my stuff
Built up security

Fruit of this false way
Worry, fear and strife
Swimming of upstream
I want to change my life

You bless another way
In kingdom You bestow
Through the love of Savior
You’d like me to know

With treasures of external
Perspective of above
Fruits sent from Your heaven
Of peace and joy and love

Let my life lay down
Surrendering to You
Building of the kingdom
Bless my point of view