Morning of Still Water

Morning of still water
Blessing sent to me
Draws the soul in resting
With my Lord here to be

Ripples of the shining
Flow in gentle waves
Spirit of Your sending
Peace which the soul craves

Gift of moving colors
Delight the heart with joy
Masterpiece of beauty
View we both enjoy

Earthly scene of quiet
Connects in the beyond
Divine of Spirit lifting
A prayer in which to bond

Breath of Morning

In the breath of morning
Autumns colors be
Shade opens in dawning
Calling soul to see

Midst upon still water
Fruit of night’s remains
Spirit drifting calling
Peace runs through the veins

Dance upon the surface
Carries soul away
Lifting one above
To view a different day

One of the eternal
Heaven to arrive
Being here today
Living more alive

Dwell Within Above

Come to rest in silence
Dwell within above
Tuning out the noise
Being in my love

Here within the nothing
Find my treasure pure
Filling of the soul
With gifts that will endure

Love of everlasting
Showering of grace
Covering of knowing
Eternal my embrace

Hope now to accept it
Instill its knowledge true
Sustainment for the journey
To share the love of You

Yearning For Trust

Week of the busy
With challenges faced
Come to Your presence
We cling in embrace

I offer a prayer
For us just to be
In grateful silence
Of grace blessed to me

Last Monday of worry
Of fears in my way
You offered me peace
Some of it stayed

In weeks reflection
I see now, believe
To fear not, in trust
Your faith in me weave

A view that’s ahead
May lesson be learned
In faith of our God
His trust may I yearn

By My Side

Devil knocks at my door
A failure that I be
No hope within my path
Escape is all I see

I come before my Lord
A bag of weary bones
A soul in need of light
Blessing here is shone

I am not alone
A Savior by my side
One who never fails
Through Spirit we reside

Focus only love
Open soul receiving
Blessings to be share
Grace in Him believing

Nights Air

Fill the lungs with night air
Ear of peeper’s song
Caress the skin with autumn
Exhale be of long

Walking in horizon
Still waters all aglow
With light stretching to me
Peace for me to know

Covering of darkness
Blanket of the night
Points of hope of shining
Direction comforts bright

Stroll of soul releasing
The worries of the day
Gift of Lord in sending
A closing to convey

Presence Of

Inner room retreating
Closing eyes to see
Soul of silent word
Prayer to Presence be

Presence of the breathing
Song of life instilled
Dependent on Your grace
Nourishment fulfilled

Presence of desire
Needing of the more
Desire of both ways
One that we adore

Being in now
Eternal above
Spirit now flowing
Your Presence of love

Saturdays Stroll

Waking with a fresh thought
In mornings Saturday
One of easy breathing
Cast burdens far away

Set out upon a stroll
In view of angles light
Sky of drifting blue
Lifting new insight

Leaves of falling yellow
Surprise of path ahead
Chipmunks scurrying
Food of which soul’s fed

Lyrics hidden message
Birds of journey call
Bridge found of the crossing
Fruit of summer falls

Drifting into you
Stilling soul to pray
Guiding spirit come
Lord reset my way

Silent Ripple

Waves of silent ripple
Flow in color blue
Winged take their fight
Ascending in the view

Drifting into Spirit
Seeing through soul’s sight
Catching in the scene
A pool of sparkling light

Seen beyond the retina
Your joy in message sent
Enrapture of the soul
In Spirits prayer ascent

Store within my dwelling
The knowledge of this gift
Light within our being
Your shining, presence lift

Ahead, See Me

In a restless sleep
In which I toss and turn
Worries stir the night
Peace for which I yearn

In a moment clear
Word comes pure and true
Light shines in the dark
“Come, let me show you”

A sentence without end
I sleep, no answer spawns
Awaking to the new light
In colors morning dawn

Answer in Your beauty
Peaceful waters be
Silence of completion
“Ahead in way see Me”

A purpose fills the soul
Direction of the new
Focus on my hope
A day of seeking You