Company Prayer

Oh my Lord, I’m grateful
For job, that you’ve blessed me
First task of my day
For prayer offered to Thee

Lord please send your grace
To bless our company
From the top to bottom
Send Your divinity

Wisdom for our leaders
To see things through Your view
Ears open to hearing
Compassion found in You

Decisions set before us
Spirit be our guide
Pausing for a moment
In You, answer resides

Working for one purpose
With gifts that You bestow
Seen within our Spirit
That You all come to know

Prayer for our safety
May our words be kind
Through honesty and caring
In Your love may we bind

Heart for the despondent
Unnoticed, needing care
Bringing them Your hope
Your light in which to share

Peace found in the knowledge
That you are in control
Trusting in the comfort
As keeper of our souls

Help to me remember
The job that you’ve blessed me
Graced to be Your servant
To serve You humble-ly


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