Saturdays Stroll

Waking with a fresh thought
In mornings Saturday
One of easy breathing
Cast burdens far away

Set out upon a stroll
In view of angles light
Sky of drifting blue
Lifting new insight

Leaves of falling yellow
Surprise of path ahead
Chipmunks scurrying
Food of which soul’s fed

Lyrics hidden message
Birds of journey call
Bridge found of the crossing
Fruit of summer falls

Drifting into you
Stilling soul to pray
Guiding spirit come
Lord reset my way

Silent Ripple

Waves of silent ripple
Flow in color blue
Winged take their fight
Ascending in the view

Drifting into Spirit
Seeing through soul’s sight
Catching in the scene
A pool of sparkling light

Seen beyond the retina
Your joy in message sent
Enrapture of the soul
In Spirits prayer ascent

Store within my dwelling
The knowledge of this gift
Light within our being
Your shining, presence lift

Ahead, See Me

In a restless sleep
In which I toss and turn
Worries stir the night
Peace for which I yearn

In a moment clear
Word comes pure and true
Light shines in the dark
“Come, let me show you”

A sentence without end
I sleep, no answer spawns
Awaking to the new light
In colors morning dawn

Answer in Your beauty
Peaceful waters be
Silence of completion
“Ahead in way see Me”

A purpose fills the soul
Direction of the new
Focus on my hope
A day of seeking You


Light of this days birthing
On all it shines this day
Looking out my window
A gaze upon highway

Many souls of moving
Set out to daily grind
A stirring in my soul
A hope for them to find

A prayer of touching heart
To send them on their way
For Spirit of the stirring
Arise within today

That our God of love
Is calling patiently
Of His love to accept
Gifted graciously

My Lord please bless them dear
Know your in control
Let their choice be You
As keeper of their soul

Reflection of the light
Sparkles back to me
That inside I will know
The same truth inside me

Center Become You

Overwhelmed this day
With thoughts of rambled fear
Calling to my Lord
Withdrawing to our prayer

Centering to You
My Savior and my hope
Without the love of whom
No other way to cope

Difficult my pride
Let me release control
Focusing in light
Pray to still my soul

Drifting into You
Deeper let us be
Move in letting go
Gift of setting free

Ring of trusting growth
Complete in love so true
Blessed within Your grace
Center become You

Company Prayer

Oh my Lord, I’m grateful
For job, that you’ve blessed me
First task of my day
For prayer offered to Thee

Lord please send your grace
To bless our company
From the top to bottom
Send Your divinity

Wisdom for our leaders
To see things through Your view
Ears open to hearing
Compassion found in You

Decisions set before us
Spirit be our guide
Pausing for a moment
In You, answer resides

Working for one purpose
With gifts that You bestow
Seen within our Spirit
That You all come to know

Prayer for our safety
May our words be kind
Through honesty and caring
In Your love may we bind

Heart for the despondent
Unnoticed, needing care
Bringing them Your hope
Your light in which to share

Peace found in the knowledge
That you are in control
Trusting in the comfort
As keeper of our souls

Help to me remember
The job that you’ve blessed me
Graced to be Your servant
To serve You humble-ly

You Instill

Enter into silence
Let this soul prepare
Miracle before me
With humble stilling prayer

Come to You as sinners
Worthy we not be
Receiving precious gifts
Great is Your mercy

Teach to us Your wisdom
Stories to be heard
When You walked this earth
Nourish us in Word

Remember now Your passion
As You are lifted high
No greater love is known
Savior be our cry

Soul prepared in needing
With amen, word begin
Jesus my desire
Let You dwell within

Miracle within me
Align soul with Your will
Let Your light shine through me
With love that You instill