Faith Here Grow

Nerves are all a flutter
Overwhelmed with fear
Cross within Your Presence
Soul to You draw near

Help me to now trust
Pour out all to You
Naming all my worries
Cleansing to pursue

Fearing of the worst
Losing what is mine
Emptying the soul
Message do I find

All I have is grace
Blessings You bestow
My God of precious love
Let my faith here grow

Wreath of Advent

We go around a wreath
Of endless loving green
To hone the gift of Spirit
Of treasures of unseen

Anticipating gifts
Preparing the way
Expectation of hope
In this season today

One candle of praying
A binding in Word
A silent flame growing
Loves message is heard

A candle confessing
It’s not about me
Practice loves giving
Allows soul to see

Rose candle rejoicing
Of star in the night
Our God to abide
Brings us to the light

A candle preparing
With homage we bring
Our humble hearts bow
Together we sing

Our Savior is here
God’s gift to us all
Let’s join in His love
One love’s our call

Shining of Your Light

In our morning prayer
Prepare the soul this day
Purposeful attention
To walk with Your way

In midst of busy rush
Open eye and ear
View with the way
Your love of which to share

When sinful word attacks
My Jesus will I seek
Shining of Your light
Turning of the cheek

When irritation flares
Selfishness release
Blessing to disperse
As sower of Your peace

Pause of gratefulness
To bind the soul with You
Rejoice in kingdom bring
That Your light shines through


Nestled in Your Presence
Such a sweet embrace
Spirit of indwelling
Gift of precious grace

Home of the foundation
One within the known
Layers of the growing
Moment light has shown

Fruit of letting go
Fall in stilling way
Nourish soil rich
Growth of love we pray

Silence of surrounding
Bind the soul to You
Longing of the deep
In the path flow through

Thankful Be Our Will

We take a moment’s pause
To reflect within the way
To gather here as one
To thank You here this day

Not just of passing words
Let us go deeper still
Contemplate your glory
Thankful be our will

From atom of sub-micron
To galaxies out there
We thank you for creation
For Your beauty here

From birth of the first light
To eternity of thou
God beyond all time
For this moment now

From souls been blessed to know
To ones we’ve yet to see
Your love within the bond
For those surrounding me

From passion of the cross
To souls eternal flame
Your Sons unending love
For His love here to claim

We offer up a prayer
From within to above
Grateful be our heart
As Your answers always love

Dependent We Remain

Times we prayed together
Nourished by the Word
Sharing in His body
Spirit present, heard

Word of the unspoken
Shared through passion fond
Found within our prayer
Something of beyond

In window of your eyes
Soul was speaking true
Past all human chains
His light shining through

Through a silent tongue
You reached within the deep
Stirring of the soul
Faith within your keep

Book of names you kept
Faithful you did pray
God of grace listened
Answered in His way

Resting in His light
Answer now is found
Prayers of the eternal
Unspoken word unbound

Dependent we remain
Of your prayers in the bond
Blessed within one light
Someone, within beyond

All I Need

Path that lies ahead
Will may I concede
Trusting in my God
Who gives me all I need

Be it joy or sorrow
You will see me through
Molding of the soul
With the grace of You

Basking in Your light
Adore this moment be
Bringing of Your love
One for all to see

When perfect I be not
Turn unto the One
Mercy of no bounds
Walking with the Son

Colors of Your Autumn

Viewing of your beauty
Warmth of admiration
Colors of your autumn
A season’s celebration

A bouquets collection
A mix of palette sweet
Blessings of our God
Through you a scene complete

Joys of color yellow
Shine in brilliance bright
Years within the soaking
Of Your blessed light

Passion of red flowing
One of sacrifice
Putting others first
Hands of living Christ

Orange as in fire
Fueled by Spirit blessed
Surrounding those around you
By humble life professed

Love within the scene
As colors fade to rust
One of letting go
For in the Lord you trust

Light of the Adoring

Entrance of the sacred
Before me You now be
Falling, falling, falling
Into the holy

Embrace of accepting
Grace so welcoming
Loving, loving, loving
Soul surrendering

Peace of the surrounding
Deeper in the bond
Drifting, drifting, drifting
Into the beyond

Desire of the stirring
Hunger the deep
Longing, longing, longing
Holy Spirit seep

Light of the adoring
Unity divine
Being, being, being
Soul in You, align


Playback the recordings
Of scenes within souls keep
Times of touching grace
Stirred within the deep

Solitude of moment
When Your light shone through
Personal encounters
Abounding love in You

Building our foundation
One moment at a time
Intimate of sharing
The gift of love divine

In storms ahead this day
May I submit the will
To my Lord of peace
Calming waters still