Color of Leaf

Trees of brilliant colors
Shine in morning light
Orange, red and yellow
Burst with new insight

Season of the turning
Whispers wisdom’s song
Time of the page turning
Of which we all belong

Colors of the choosing
Fall to earth below
Fruits of journeys labor
That our hearts bestow

Will they be of rust?
Of worthless lazy way
Or colors of the light
Shone through gifts of way

Need of Yesterday

I was here yesterday
In desperate need of You
Nowhere else to turn
Hope You’d see me through

Returning here this day
Smile in Your eyes
Embrace within our greeting
Of yesterday’s surprise

Falling at Your feet
Song is full of praise
Grateful for Your goodness
Heart is set ablaze

Why did I ever doubt
The one Creator be
Word of only love
Faith now grow in me


Know that I am beautiful
View as the Father sees
Past the skins façade
Soul to seek in me

Past the veil of human
That covers vanity
Covering of wounds
Protecting sanity

Relish in my value
Sharing piece of me
Allowing me to give
Rejoicing in bonding

Share in our desire
This opportunity
To bind with His love
Build God’s community

Do as the Father does
Cherish in loving
Joy abounds in Him
Of heavens covering

Souls Past Here

Souls of past now gather
From memories remains
Love within paths crossing
Through Jesus we proclaim

Dwell in joy complete
Of heart entwined with love
Descend in presence sweet
Flow from light above

Join within our prayer
Beyond of knowledge raise
Bound within our hope
To sing a song of praise

A kingdom built in part
In our community
Bonded in His love
Eternal unity

Silence of a Candle

Overwhelming world
A suffocating cloud
Evil that surrounds us
Voices screaming loud

Violence on the news
Instilling word of fear
Awful suffering
Too much for heart to bear

Where be the souls turning?
In search of answer found
Take a moment’s pause
A prayer here to surround

Silence of a candle
Message in a flame
Hope within the light
A Saviors love to claim

Reflection of a soul
To shine a message bright
A purpose in the flicker
Committed to the fight

Love of no conditions
Peace flow through the heart
Hope forever burning
Through light that You impart

My Body

This is my body
Of human and divine
In this meditation
Hope I pray you find

This is my body
The broken and the poor
Suffering and weary
One that God adores

This is my body
Merciful in love
One of the restoring
Sent from God above

Humility of model
Hope that You will be
Broken and restored
One in unity

My Friend of Passing

We’d run into each other
In life from time to time
Connecting of two souls
Blessing of divine

In between the service
Or at the grocery store
Perhaps in breakfast sharing
In an open door

We’d catch up on our lives
Share a laugh or two
Perspectives that were shared
Seen in our God’s view

Foundation of the Spirit
Where song would touch his soul
Healing by our God
When life had taken toll

A spark within His eyes
Whispered something deep
A Christ-like message passed
Encouragement we’d keep

A light within our body
I’ll miss encounters shared
His light now shines from heaven
Will pass within our prayers

Focus Be of Soul

In prayer of moment be
All else set aside
Focus be of soul
Our place where You reside

Rise here to the surface
Of one to contemplate
Nourish now this treasure
Your light to permeate

Desire of this prayer
Lord please make it so
Soul arise this day
Ahead of my ego

Let the door be opened
To new ways of Your love
Storing of Your graces
Returning to above

Place of You and me
As Your love leads the way
Building of Your kingdom
With other souls this day

Settle Now the Soul

Settle now the soul
Within Your Presence sweet
Casting all aside
My God of love to greet

Comfort in the bond
Honesty now flow
Bearing true the soul
Acceptance His to know

Silence speak the tongue
Open ears embrace
Wisdom of His being
Fill now with His grace

Blessed time in dwell
As Spirit sings it song
Flow in veins of love
Heart with You belong

What is of the Light

What is of the light?
That stirs within the deep
Lifting soul above
Unseen gift to keep

Unspoken word of hope
Insights now begin
Spirit passing through
Warming of within

Needing satisfied
Nurtured by a touch
One of the beyond
Hope within our clutch

Directions gift bestow
Uplifting sense of grace
Basking in a love
Divine sends its embrace