Beyond the Water Still

Something in the scene
Calls the soul to rest
Pray to seek this treasure
Fulfilling His request

Grandeur of the mountains
Colors of the sunrise
Autumns touch of glory
Light shines in surprise

Reflection on the surface
Calling to the will
Moving into Spirit
Beyond the water still

Nourishment of soul
Peace encompassing
Turning praise above
Receiving gifts You bring


Blind is Bartimaeus
Often so are we
Begging to our Lord
Pity have on me

People did rebuke him
Silence him implore
Needing, was persistent
And called out all the more

Jesus he did stop
Called him to come near
He threw aside his cloak
Hope before him here

Jesus spoke to Him
What can I do for thee
Blind man, he replied
My Lord, I want to see

Son, your faith has saved you
He heard Jesus say
Receiving now his
With Jesus he did stay


Into silent presence
Falling in above
Time eternal present
Dwelling in Your love

Through the closing eyes
Beyond the human sight
Gift of the divine
Receiving of Your light

Past my understanding
Doing here, now cease
Into soul of knowing
Recording of Your peace

In journey of the way
You flow back to me
Played back through the soul
Love, light and peace of thee

Colors of Your Autumn

Viewing of your beauty
Warmth of admiration
Colors of your autumn
A season’s celebration

A bouquets collection
A mix of palette sweet
Blessings of our God
Through you a scene complete

Joys of color yellow
Shine in brilliance bright
Years within the soaking
Of Your blessed light

Passion of red flowing
One of sacrifice
Putting others first
Hands of living Christ

Orange as in fire
Fueled by Spirit blessed
Surrounding those around you
By humble life professed

Love within the scene
As colors fade to rust
One of letting go
For in the Lord you trust

Eternal Moments Journey

In shadow of Your presence
I bring my soul to be
Fixed within His gaze
My Lord here, speaks to me

See with eyes of soul
Perceptions fade away
Into thought unknowing
A higher way to pray

Thread divine entwining
Love, acceptance true
Deep embrace of knowing
Of being, One in You

Beauty of pure light
Eyes close in Your gaze
Gift of presence precious
Soul of wordless praise

Tingling of presence
Afloat in heavens grace
Mystery enlightened
Free in close embrace

A Chord Deep

Years, it’s been so many
Since you’ve left this earth
Today in a reflection
Of you, given birth

A chord deep in the soul
Was struck in moment dear
Pang of spirit longing
To have you dwelling here

Oh how I miss you
To see your smiling face
To bask in love you shared
To be in Your embrace

Eyes close tight in silence
To turn to Lord in prayer
To find You in His light
And know your dwelling there

Let us bask in oneness
See one day we will find
Eternal love of being
Through gift of God divine

No Other Choice

Wake to gray skies dawning
To challenges of way
I have no other choice
Than trust in You this day

Knowing that Your faithful
My soul is in Your care
Laying down my will
Hope within this prayer

That I will accept
The path within Your choice
If against my wants
May I still rejoice

Exercise of faith
Perspective of the view
That I’ll always place
All my trust in You

You Can’t Do It

The father of all lies
Whispers in my ear
Seeping through my wounds
Word of ego’s fear

Saying you can’t do it
A failure you will be
Prepare now your defense
Come and follow me

Voices of past echo
Commencement speeches say
You will change the world
You can lead the way

Turn unto the light
Let half-truths fade away
On my own can’t do it
To Jesus do I pray

May His will be done
As it’s not about me
Servant of divine
All for His glory

10 Minutes

10 minutes of silence
Of prayer do I bring
As duties are calling
A small offering

Free any guilt
You know I’d like more
You take what I give
This time to adore

Rest now this soul
Remove the word me
Prayer of the Spirit
Through grace openly

Bringing my friends
In needing of prayer
Giving to Jesus
All of their cares

Trusting in grace
Of God’s perfect Son
Eternally loved
10 minutes of One

Flow Here This Day

Fountain of holiness
Flows here to this day
Passion of Savior
He who paved the way

Jesus gave it all
Not a drop was spared
Blood of our redemption
Through a cross was bared

In a pasture rich
Miracle of bread
Broken for us all
One body all are fed

Grace of river flowing
Never ending love
Bread and wine abundant
Connect to God above