Clutter, clutter everywhere
Complicates the view
Lord, hear my petition
To clean my soul anew

First of the knees falling
A sinner gone askew
One in need of mercy
Dependent all on You

Lenses of my ego
Distort the Spirits view
Wipe clean eye of soul
To help me see the true

Waste now of the worry
Do the task to do
Focus in the moment
To share the love of You

Fear here leads the way
Let go my residue
Control not be my God
Give it all to You

Return to this cleaning
One of all day through
Calling to the Spirit
Fill with breath anew

Staring Into

Staring into darkness
Voice of morning light
Spirit is consumed
Way of new insight

Speaking of the truth
I know now what’s ahead
But my Savior does
Will my heart be led?

Many times You’ve taught
Wisdom that you share
Place your trust in me
My child, do not fear

Word I comprehend
But “what ifs” all demand?
My God of patience long
Smiles and takes my hand

This Gift

Thank you for this gift
My God you’ve blessed to me
One within the holy
For all eternity

Here now let me cherish
Dwell with it awhile
Penetrating soul
Deep internal smile

Savoring its goodness
Source of the divine
Warming of the heart
Grace of God is mine

Blessed within the melding
Of gift abundant true
Basking in you goodness
Grateful be to You

A Place of in Between

Where I be, I do not know
A place of in between
Through Your grace you’ve carried me
To holiness unseen

A drifting place of love and light
A dwelling of beyond
Freedom of the intimate
Cherished in the bond

How beautiful this place to be
Past all words to say
Presence of all being
Sacred is the way

Grace of grateful finding
Holy be Your name
As body goes, proceeding
Here, let soul remain

Water Painted

The waters painted pink
Mixed with a sky blue
Captured by the Spirit
A whisper sent by You

Pause here now my child
Be with me a while
Take a moment’s peace
From world be in exile

Drift into the beauty
Fall in my embrace
Word within the silence
Our inner dwelling place

Where the light is shining
Love known of the true
Deeply satisfying
The need to love in You

Day of Greatest Gift

Day of greatest gift
He sends to us His word
To those who seek the light
Spirit now be heard

Day of anticipation
When heaven now connects
Ripples of the wave
Eternity affects

Word of blessed treasure
Here now from above
Eternal peace and joy
Word of only love

Starts here with a babe
His precious treasure true
Divine entwines with human
Bonding within you

Display of humbleness
That moves the hardest heart
Fall into His gaze
Seed of love impart

Let it grow within
Receive His mercy pure
Grateful heart respond
Know what He endured

Cast a vision long
Of eternal peace
Rejoice with angel’s song
Explode in praise release

God is here with us
Bask in light divine
Rejoice in gifts bestowed
Let His true light shine!

Then and Now

She speaks of a love
Spoken thru spirit
Dwelling within her
Pause now to feel it

In haste to a friend
Who shares in the view
Leaping with joy
Rejoicing now too

They follow a star
That guides through the night
One of divine
Let me see the light

A manger preparing
The best we can do
In hope awaiting
For God be with you

A waiting, a seeking
A stirring, a birth
A gaze of amazement
A light here unearth

Cross is Heavy

Sometimes the cross is heavy
Too much for soul to bear
Grateful when I fall
To find you dwelling there

Eyes deep of compassion
As you’ve been here before
Share now with me brother
Your feelings to outpour

Burdens overwhelming
Drowning in such pain
Valley of black darkness
Clouds don’t seem to wane

You are not alone
I can bear the load
Let us rise together
We’ll navigate the road

World is temporary
Eternal set our sight
Respond now with my love
We’ll focus on the light

Signs are Everywhere

Message of the sending
To soul of open ear
One of bounds unending
Signs are everywhere

A grain within the desert
A drop in ocean blue
Crafted by Creator
Just as me and you

Complexity of atom
Billions of galaxies
Flash of moments light
Shines to eternity

Deep of contemplation
Word to comprehend
Deeper in the well
Love that knows no end