Clutter, clutter everywhere
Complicates the view
Lord, hear my petition
To clean my soul anew

First of the knees falling
A sinner gone askew
One in need of mercy
Dependent all on You

Lenses of my ego
Distort the Spirits view
Wipe clean eye of soul
To help me see the true

Waste now of the worry
Do the task to do
Focus in the moment
To share the love of You

Fear here leads the way
Let go my residue
Control not be my God
Give it all to You

Return to this cleaning
One of all day through
Calling to the Spirit
Fill with breath anew

3 thoughts on “Clutter”

  1. I have been feeling all chaotic since yesterday…”Lenses of my ego
    Distort the Spirits view”, was what I was feeling.. I was quick to react to a situation yesterday, while I should have been forgiving…Thanks Daryl, your poem kind of strengthened me. I will try to meet my Eucharistic Lord after today’s work.. Only He can reorganize me…

    Lovely poem…

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