Then and Now

She speaks of a love
Spoken thru spirit
Dwelling within her
Pause now to feel it

In haste to a friend
Who shares in the view
Leaping with joy
Rejoicing now too

They follow a star
That guides through the night
One of divine
Let me see the light

A manger preparing
The best we can do
In hope awaiting
For God be with you

A waiting, a seeking
A stirring, a birth
A gaze of amazement
A light here unearth


Cross is Heavy

Sometimes the cross is heavy
Too much for soul to bear
Grateful when I fall
To find you dwelling there

Eyes deep of compassion
As you’ve been here before
Share now with me brother
Your feelings to outpour

Burdens overwhelming
Drowning in such pain
Valley of black darkness
Clouds don’t seem to wane

You are not alone
I can bear the load
Let us rise together
We’ll navigate the road

World is temporary
Eternal set our sight
Respond now with my love
We’ll focus on the light

Signs are Everywhere

Message of the sending
To soul of open ear
One of bounds unending
Signs are everywhere

A grain within the desert
A drop in ocean blue
Crafted by Creator
Just as me and you

Complexity of atom
Billions of galaxies
Flash of moments light
Shines to eternity

Deep of contemplation
Word to comprehend
Deeper in the well
Love that knows no end

Blessing Granted

Gift of blessing granted
Grateful the received
Touch of heaven planted
Beyond what soul conceives

Dwell in sweet absorbing
Infusion of Your light
Divine in human melding
Word and soul unite

Drop of the transforming
Empty bucket fill
Gradual transition
Conforming of the will

Something of the happening
Trust within the way
Deep beyond the knowing
Surrendering we pray


In this Holy season
A note of Spirit share
Abiding in reflection
An offering of prayer

Grateful for Lords blessing
He’s placed you in my way
Through the souls connection
Enlightened the pathway

Light flows through your smile
Joys shines in your eyes
Fragrance of His Spirit
Shared words of insight, wise

May wonder fill your Spirit
May peace rest in your soul
Feel God’s love overflowing
Know He is in control

A Christmas message sent
His promise known with trust
His love through you I see
That God is here with us

Guide The Way

Relationship broken
For healing I yearn
Don’t have an answer
Nowhere to turn

Heart has been wounded
Why can’t they see
How they are wrong
My view to see

I come to You Lord
And offer my will
Seeking Your wisdom
But can’t let go still

Making some progress
Of giving control
My pride overwhelms
Fall back in the hole

Oh Lord how I need You
Instill love here this day
Let light overwhelm me
Please guide the way

Everything Is Grace

Truth be in this knowledge
My grateful heart embrace
From God who’s only love
Everything is grace

In this morning’s rising
Of horizons colors view
God of new beginning
Each day is made anew

Failures of intention
From Your path I swerve
You bless me with Your mercy
Not what I deserve

When my soul is needy
No way to comprehend
A light within the path
An angel that You send

Connection of divine
Your Spirit dwells within
Perfect love is known
A Savior genuine