Inner Rooms Retreat

Inner rooms retreat
Prayer for Spirit flowing
Dwelling in the deep
Soul finds Your light glowing

Eternal flame of love
Quench of hearts desire
Easy letting go
Soul is lifted higher

Seeker finds its home
Clinging of embrace
Gift of overflowing
Knowledge all is grace

Need is satisfied
In this moment be
Remain within the longing
For all eternity


Moment of the Capture

Moment of the capture
Between the words of prayer
Pausing into dwelling
Finding Presence here

No step of the taking
Letting Spirit fill
Emptiness of being
Remaining in the still

Light of love embracing
Dwelling, letting go
Nourishment of deep
Beyond, what I can know

Soul receives its treasure
View of heavens grace
Abiding, sacred, holy
Eternal loves embrace

Tired Soul

Spirit of my God
I cry out to You
Appealing to my Lord
No one else to turn to

I’m suffering this day
Lost my sense of hope
Burdens of this world
Bear down, too much to cope

Wisdom of Your Word
Feed into my mind
Knowledge here this day
Answers may I find

Help me to accept
That You are in control
For You love me dear
Comfort this tired soul