Found here are my treasures
Offered now to You
One of great abundance
Receive, is all to do

Found now is my love
Surrounding you in grace
Blessed without conditions
Fall in my embrace

Where and when a question
I am is the Word clear
Deep within your being
Closer than you here

Both are we in seeking
Desire of your heart
Let me find you now
Let our prayer now start

In Which To Be

You take me to the place
The one in which to be
One of heavens dwelling
Shone through Your body

One of blessed light
Word of only love
Free within the being
Drifting in above

One of soul arising
Body drift away
Spirit of transforming
Born of cross, pathway

Spirit of indwelling
Path of new direction
Bringing in encounters
The light of this connection

Entering Into

A cross of the signing
An entering into
Divinity of knowing
As inner room is the view

A gesture of the many
Recalling, joining in
Of sacrifice of Savior
That frees us from our sin

A binding into love
Of the trinity
Father, Son and Spirit
Seeking, drawing me

Calling to the Spirit
Baptism laid the way
Freedom of surrender
Through me may You pray

Presence of surrounding
Beyond the dwelling place
One of love unbounding
Filled with precious grace

Breathing in Light

Thought within a moment
Of breathing in Your light
Letting go of known
A prayer for new insight

Lungs process the air
Light let soul ingest
Filling of the void
Through love, Your child blessed

Exhale worries hoard
Making room to breathe
Freeing of the me
To my God concede

Emptying the inside
Filling of the light
Warming of the heart
Shining the soul bright

Focus of the now
Your light of which indwells
Overflowing grace
Through acts of love expel

Gratitude of Light

A pause of gratitude
To thank you for the light
Bringing gift of day
Awakening from night

Let me just receive
Of the warming flow
Absorbing of the Spirit
Casts the soul a glow

Feeling from afar
Stirs within the deep
Something of connection
Hope within its keep

Binding of one body
As free for us all
Reflect with inner beauty
The message of the call

After Snowfall

Winters scene is stilling
Whispering soulโ€™s peace
Calling heart to join
Cares now to release

Pause here of fulfillment
Creators plan in place
Song of wordless prayer
In spirit of embrace

Solitude of beauty
Grace blankets the scene
Purest white of cover
Movement so serene

Silence of the gifting
Receiver blessed above
Found beyond oneself
A word of only love

A Covering

A pasture of pure white
Is laid in morning clear
Creation stills its living
To partake in whatโ€™s appeared

Beauty of the changing
No longer death of brown
Hope in lights reflecting
Gift thatโ€™s been laid down

Renewal of a question
Of mercy that I need
A truth that has been offered
If my will concedes

A visual symbolic
Won by a field of blood
Touched by breath of Spirit
A longing, bonding floods

In guilt of my drab sin
Of winters cold embrace
Oh Jesus bless me pure
Your covering of grace

Desire for Your mercy
Give life to frozen heart
Robe divine in blessing
My only hope impart

Let joy be in the scene
Hope arise in You
Youโ€™ve covered all in love
Making all things new