Flickering Candle

Soul of little flame
Flickers high and low
One of flowing light
Its’ source now here to know

Life within reflection
Captures moments gaze
Dwell with its flame
Insight of Your ways

Way within the shining
Moving left and right
Almost going out
Then burst of shining bright

Wick of time grows shorter
Dwell in this insight
Candle of earths shining
One of eternal light

2 thoughts on “Flickering Candle”

  1. This is a theme that keeps coming up for me lately: The difference between candlelight and electric light. The difference, basically, is that candlelight is alive, in other words it moves, varies, breathes, so to speak. It has a living glow and causes shadows to dance and move about the room. This is why candlelight is so much warmer and more comforting and cozy than electric light.

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