New Creation

Blessed gift of morning
Dawns in colors bright
Births a new creation
Cast within the light

One of which some souls
Will be the last to see
Let me live this day
As it could be me

A day to cherish love
Mercy quick to share
Grateful for all things
Daily cross to bear

Attentive to the little
To those on margins seek
Celebrate the moment
His joy through actions speak

Let this source of purpose
Arise from prayer within
Shining of the light
New creation here begin

One Breath of Prayer

A moment of breathing
Enjoy one to take
Gift of our life
We so often forsake

Deep of inhaling
Allow lungs to fill
Stress of exhaling
Along with the will

Take then another
Repeating the task
Prayer now to enter
In Giver to bask

Grateful for being
Surrender control
His song through the Spirit
Gives life through the soul


Sprinkled ‘round the home
Photographs are framed
Memories of love
Moments that we claim

Souls of many faces
One which time has past
Captured in a moment
In our heart they last

Blessings of our God
A touching grace bestowed
Placed within our path
Purpose that He knows

Flashes of His light
Mold the soul above
Treasures of the keeping
Moments of true love

From the Other Side

Oh how my heart is broken
My best friend here no more
Path entwined has ended
Don’t know what’s in store

Eyes close in the hurting
Where I find you inside
A whisper in the silence
Word from the other side

Oh my love, I miss you
I long for you to know
In my embrace to comfort
Dwell in the afterglow

My earthly passage ended
From human cocoon free
Awesome is the beauty
I long for you to see

Some wisdom from beyond
Let all fear dissipate
In light of perfect love
For here my love, I’ll wait

A Vision Beautiful

A pause along the way
To spend some time with You
You surprised my soul
With vision beautiful

Postcard of the framing
One Rockwell would paint
Wholesome in its goodness
Song born of the Saints

Sitting in reflection
As smile warms the heart
Multiple dimensions
To unseen, soul departs

A glimpse behind the door
Of one day that will be
A vision beautiful
To fully be with thee

Love Awaiting

Love so vast and infinite
Unconditional and true
One so ever patient
Waiting here for you

Depth without an ending
Intimate beyond
Mercy ever flowing
An everlasting bond

Simple in acceptance
Joy embracing you
Welcomed into Presence
Light here bursting through

An embrace of comfort
Faith upon the way
Answer of our seeking
Awaits you here this day

A Plane

In the eyes of lifting
Across the clear blue sky
With souls upon a journey
A plane was passing by

Each a different mission
Work or pleasure be
Given each a calling
Seeking desperately

Spirit guides direction
Offering a way
To align with God
Word He wants to say

Prayer is offered here
That they will listen true
Building of His kingdom
To see the grander view

Gift of Gifts

People of the calling
Gather to Your place
Blessed in their receiving
Gifts of precious grace

Forgiveness of forgiving
Before You now confessed
Clean heart of the washing
Give what we’ve been blessed

Bread of gift of giving
Abundance without end
Miracle of seeking
To the lost we sent

Give of love of loving
Eternal treasure be
One of all souls seeking
Bonds all one in thee

Desire Drive My Will

Father of the Holy
Bless this moment be
Your love is all I need
This truth please let me see

One of no conditions
One which knows no bounds
One which of deep mercy
Place where all is found

May I give it all
Surrendering to You
May I grow in faith
Soul be birth anew

Desire drive my will
Only by Your grace
May I turn to You
Gaze upon Your face

Season of the Way

Beautiful horizon
In the winters chill
Soft palette of color
Diffusing of my will

Trees are silhouetted
Etched upon the sky
Blue and pink are mixing
Calls souls to unify

Geese of morning honking
Frozen is the ground
Drifts of snow remaining
Barrenness surrounds

Sun of warm arising
Though vision let us pray
Emptiness of calling
In season of the way