Stay True

In between the sleep
A word comes flowing through
In challenge of the way
My child, to me, stay true

Easy to lose focus
Through lens of ego see
Protecting my importance
Or my security

When power drives my word
Or drowning in my fear
Returning to the center
Meeting Spirit here

Pulling out the straight edge
Ways of Jesus be
View of heavens love
Shared through humility

Building of the kingdom
Flowing love of You
Aligning of the way
To You, let me, stay true

Resting Now to Pray

Wake up in the morning
Coffee shower, shave
One of just routine
Step closer to the grave

Still my soul, love of God
Thought flow now away
Speaking words of silence
Resting here to pray

Entering of Presence
Giving of control
Drifting into dwelling
Way within the soul

Speaking Your Word through me
Translucent in beyond
Bridge of Saviors passion
Deep within the bond

Light of heavens blessing
Enwraps the inner space
Gratitude eternal
A prayer within Your grace

Winter Moon



Winter moon on palette blue
Lingers in the morn
Hoping to gift souls
A blessing to adorn

Lifting of the view
Beyond the dawning’s chill
Warming of the deep
Moving soul to still

Whispering of wisdom
Peace within its song
One for all mankind
That we all belong

Hope within its message
As watcher of the night
To place our trust in God
The One who sends the light

A body of reflection
Calling us to bear
As knowers of the light
Now for us to share


A Wave

A wave of many colors
Flows in morning light
One of rising tide
Offers an insight

Ripples song of calling
Of crest and valley deep
Drawn of one above
Surrender in its keep

Though many be its parts
A body of the one
Common in direction
Reflecting warmth of sun

A visual symbolic
Of the Spirits way
Let my guiding path
Flow with You this day

Three of Us

In a morning prayer
In silent letting go
A drifting in beyond
A thought I came to know

In the light of Presence
A glimpse of you appeared
And so the three of us
A bonding did we share

Dwelling in our prayer
For blessings over you
Wisdom and His love
Grace instilled anew

I share with you this time
In hope that you will know
How much the Lord loves you
And see His blessings flow

Friend of Suffering

Lord, my friend is suffering
Don’t know what to do
Please send me Your Word
To share the love of You

Let me dissipate
Spirit fill the air
Being of one body
Of Your Presence here

Now of simple presence
Let Your light be shown
Silent Word of heart
That we are not alone

Filled with Your compassion
Bonded in one love
Healer of the soul
Lifting us above


Nothing here to do
No word within my prayer
Time of simply being
Bonding with You here

Basking in the light
Offering of will
Aglow within Your love
Soul receives its fill

Molding beyond knowing
Faith here to confess
Soul within Your hand
Trusting You know best

Blessings in the crafting
One that You prepare
Awaken me above
Gifts ahead to share

Portal of the Way

In bow of bended knee
A deep sinking into
Withdrawing of the soul
Dwelling into You

One of the true home
Pieces fall in place
Letting go above
Sacred hearts embrace

Adrift beyond this world
Treasure which we seek
Blessed moment’s pause
Light of the oblique

Place to carry with me
View in which to stay
Candle of the flame
A portal of the way


Someday will be simple
Free from all this stuff
One of just our presence
Love will be enough

Grateful of path winding
Free from the to be
Now of vision pure
Eye will finally see

All the things of seeking
Power, security
Falls in fading dust
Treasure is charity

Peace of our Lords promise
Found in blessed light
All souls of consuming
Clothed in purest white

Let me live in wisdom
The view of journeys end
Soul seeker of love
Spirit please now send