Proverbs 3

Forget not my teaching
Commands be in your heart
For many years of life
Peace it will impart

Let love not forsake you
Round neck, let it bind
Inscribe it on your heart
Favor you will find

Trust with all your heart
On mind do not rely
In all ways, mindful of him
Straight your path will lie

Not wise in your own eyes
Respect the Lord all days
Turn away from evil
Health find in your way

Honor Lord, your wealth
With first fruits of produce
Barns be filled a plenty
New wine will flow loose

The Lord will discipline
Reproof do not shun
In His love, He reproves
As the favored one

Tall Pines

In between the tall pines
A grove of welcoming
Nestled in their branches
Birds, their praises sing

Rising strong and true
Bark of scales reveals
Under branches spread
Struggles of growth concealed

Blanket of soft needles
Laid down at my feet
Offering of fruits
Fragrance of the sweet

Simple in its calling
Its purpose of to be
Example of the serving
Whispers now to me

Yesterday Celebration

 A joyful celebration

As souls were lifted high

One in heart rejoicing

The light to magnify


That of yesterday

Still dwells in the heart

Returning to the same

Reflections to impart


Know within the soul

The unseen to appear

Joy within songs echo

Still found shining clear


Dwelling in its silence

Basking in the glow

Filling empty baskets

With remnants here to know

Deaths Fear

Fear of all we humans
Of death cannot deny
One we all will face
No matter how we try

God sent His beloved
To send a message true
That death has been defeated
A gift for me and You

Choice that has been offered
Word to be perceived
Free for us to make
Will we now believe?

Christ fulfilled His passion
Suffered in my stead
Let me soul declare
He has risen from the dead!

Sweet Rejoicing

Day of sweet rejoicing
Praise of Spirit’s breath
Light through darkness shining
Jesus conquers death

Our sentence here communed
Truth now to confess
Our Saviors rescued us
Forgiveness has been blessed

Love His driving passion
One given for free
Through suffering of cross
Price bore for you and me

Shout from the top of mountain
We have a Savior be
Passions been fulfilled
For all the world to see

Guide the Way

In gray sky turning blue
From the top of tree
Black crow of the cawing
Calling out to me

Crocus of the birthing
Erupts in warm surprise
Burst of color, purple
Treasure for the eyes

Bread of body filing
In souls connection true
Moment of the binding
Love of God shines through

Breath of Spirit guiding
Attentive child be
Vision of the treasure
Guide the way to see

Let It Be So

Through the love of Father
An awful vision, know
Not fully comprehended
You said, let it be so

Betrayed by Your beloved
With kiss he did bestow
Your friends all protested
You said, let it be so

In morning, you’re convicted
Sentenced to death row
The unjust washed their hands
You said, let it be so

Pierced with crown of thorns
Endured a pride filled blow
Lashings on Your back
You said, let it be so

A cross upon Your back
To Golgotha did go
Knew what laid ahead
You said, let it be so

Nails piercing the skin
Blood from body flows
Cross is lifted high
You said, let it be so

With teasing and with mocking
Insults they did throw
You gazed upon with love
You said, let it be so

A question now of why
An example You did show
Of love with no conditions
That You want us to know


Hello my name Pontius
Important man I am
A position filled with power
Decisions in my hand

A feeling overcomes
As different this day be
A crowd gathers now
With man here brought to me

There’s something in His eyes
A captivating gaze
Deep within the known
Can’t help but be amazed

Accusation placed upon him
A decision must I make
A claim in God before me
His life now should I take?

The crowd is getting anxious
Their eyes focused on me
I turn and questions ask him
And silent His voice be

Heart cannot convict Him
As light shines from within
A question fills my soul
I can forgive your sins

My position is now threatened
A crowd filled, all annoyed
I say I wash my hands
Decision to avoid

His presence gone away
Hopelessness is known
I failed to take a stand
My weakness is now shown

In my day ahead
Choices I will make
Will my faith be strong?
Christ love please let me take

My name no longer Pontius
New name given to me
Through the love of Jesus
My name His mercy be

Omelet Maker

I’m glad our paths did cross
Even in a short way
You shared with me your story
A light shone in my day

You gave me nourishment
In attitude so great
Thankful is your soul
Made me contemplate

One of a birthday
Each day a gift anew
Thankful to our God
As His light shone through you

Moment of connection
Your cross you shared with me
A prayer I offer you
Hope one you’ll say for me


Dining at last supper
A morsel in bowl dipped
Handed it to Judas
Satan in him slipped

Sold his Lord for silver
Of act he would remiss
Handed over Savior
Betrayed with loving kiss

When Jesus was condemned
Confessed he had betrayed
Threw money in the temple
Hung his life away

Jesus he submitted
Loved until last breath
Offering salvation
Of passion through His death

When dwelling in the tomb
Descended into hell
This thought is just imagined
That I’m about to tell

Judas in hells fire
No hope in which to seek
The greatest sinner rescued
As Jesus kissed his cheek