Hello my name Pontius
Important man I am
A position filled with power
Decisions in my hand

A feeling overcomes
As different this day be
A crowd gathers now
With man here brought to me

There’s something in His eyes
A captivating gaze
Deep within the known
Can’t help but be amazed

Accusation placed upon him
A decision must I make
A claim in God before me
His life now should I take?

The crowd is getting anxious
Their eyes focused on me
I turn and questions ask him
And silent His voice be

Heart cannot convict Him
As light shines from within
A question fills my soul
I can forgive your sins

My position is now threatened
A crowd filled, all annoyed
I say I wash my hands
Decision to avoid

His presence gone away
Hopelessness is known
I failed to take a stand
My weakness is now shown

In my day ahead
Choices I will make
Will my faith be strong?
Christ love please let me take

My name no longer Pontius
New name given to me
Through the love of Jesus
My name His mercy be

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