A Funeral

I went to a funeral
Someone I didn’t know
Interesting perspective
Spirit did bestow

A life’s celebration
Goodness all around
Conversation free
Stories did abound

Time she touched my soul
Compassion that she shared
Little acts of service
Showed how much she cared

Eyes sparkled with light
Reflecting inner joy
With path that bonded deep
Laughter we enjoyed

Gifts of the eternal
Linger past earth’s time
In memory of soul
Share gifts of the divine

Another Day

Grateful for another day
To see the sun arise
Seeker of Your beauty
Treasure for my eyes

Drawing air fresh and clean
Light warming the way
First thought as an offering
To be with You and pray

Soul upon a journey
A world of passing through
A day prepared in wisdom
Life sustained through You

Peace that has been gifted
By Savior’s passion shared
Mercy of unending
Love without compare

Soul deserving nothing
With heavens treasures blessed
Truth be of the knowing
Let this heart confess